There are so many types of essays that it is possible to get bewildered. You try to find the key features, characteristics of each kind. However, most of them remain the same in our understanding. That is why we have decided to prepare an article about how to write an expository essay.

We will also discuss how this type differs from the others. As a result, next time when you receive the task to write an expository essay and analyze it you will know all the ins and to write Expository Essay

Why You Need to Know Features of Each Essay Type

When you get an assignment at the college or university, you can read the essay type which you need to provide. There are lots of variants: deductive essay, research paper, coursework, article, and many others.

The high school students sometimes ignore the special features of each type and use an ordinary plan. However, you can find in the rubrics that teachers give almost half of the grade for the structure and format. It means that you can lose precious points unless you spend a couple of minutes learning about the expository essay. All the main tips are right here.

What is Expository Essay?

The word “expository” has a relation to the verb “to expose.

” The meaning of both of them refers to explaining, interpreting, and illustrating. The aim of the good expository essay genre is to explain the given topic to the readers. You need to use clear and precise examples which prove your thesis statement. This paper should include an objective analysis of the subjects using facts. You will need to avoid emotions because logical thinking should be the main value here. It is difficult not to voice your opinion.

However, if you want to learn how to write expository essay, you need to practice.

Typical Writing Prompts for Expository Essay

Unless your teacher told you to use exact writing style, you need to choose your type. It is not that difficult.

All you have to do is analyze the task description or the prompt. If you see the words like “define,” “explain,” it means that you need to start writing an expository essay outline.

You should also remember that the prompt should be without asking the personal opinion. As long as it says “Do you agree or disagree” or the similar questions, it will be another style. Underline the keywords of your prompt and make a choice.

Key Tips on How to Write Great Expository Essay

Here you can learn about the most important tips.

They can help you understand how to write the expository essay without mistakes. Read the recommendations before you get started with your paper.

Choose an interesting topic

Topic selection is a crucial step. You need to think over the up-to-date news, events, situations.

Choose that theme which is not outdated but which is popular among the public. Don’t take very broad themes because your paper should be focused. It is more efficient to analyze specific problems. For instance, instead of writing about the ecology in the world select the exact problem of water pollution in your region. This will narrow down the facts. In addition, you will have enough information to explain the reasons for such a problem.

Find useful sources

As we have mentioned before, the expository essay refers to stating facts. You cannot show your opinion. Moreover, we don’t recommend including personal experience.

It is a greater idea to find scientifically proven statistics, factual data, articles which discuss the same problem. This will help you write more critically because you will focus on explaining somebody’s viewpoints.

Consider your target audience

Your essay may differ depending on the reader. Before you start the paper, try to put yourself in the readers’ shoes. Answer the following questions and make notes.

  1. What would you expect to learn from the paper?
  2. What would be your expectations?
  3. Would you like to learn about solutions or examples?

Brainstorm on this questions and jot down your ideas. It is how you will understand that needs of your target audience more deeply.

Structure your paper well

No matter which writing style you need to use, planning and structuring are the foremost steps.

While you can write an ordinary essay on the spot, the expository paper requires logical reasoning. You can provide a perfect paper only if you think over the structure. This step will help you select the supporting evidence and examples. When you have an exact plan, you can be sure that you don’t deviate from the topic.

Introduction with an attention grabber

Your beginning gives the first impression to your reader. You need to make it interesting. The introductory sentence should motivate the audience to read your paper until the end. Begin with unusual facts or statistics.

Your introduction has to hook the reader’s attention at once.The last sentences of the beginning should include the thesis statement. It is the core of your paper. The thesis should summarize the main idea which you are eager to explain in the article.

The main body

You have to begin each paragraph with the topic sentences that shows which argument you will prove. It should be short but clear in meaning. Each paragraph should refer to one aspect of the problem. Try to add examples of each argument that prove your thesis. Bear in mind that each new body paragraph should have a logical connection with the previous one. Use these link sentences at the end of each section. Doing this will make your paper cohesive.

Sum it up

Your concluding paragraph should summarize all the main points which you have mentioned in the text.

Don’t add new examples of more information. Just paraphrase the thesis and write the conclusion for framing up the work. The summary should prove that you have used enough facts to explain the topic.

Critical Revision

If you need to know how to write expository essay, you need to bear in mind one rule.

Nobody will ever criticize your paper better than you. It means that after you have written the article become your own critical reader. Forget that you are the author. Try to focus only on the text. Take a red pen, underline mistakes, leave feedbacks.

You will be amazed at how efficient this easy technique is. Furthermore, this will improve your writing skills in due course.

Practice, practice, and again practice

If you are not satisfied with the final grade for your article, don’t get upset. There is no expert that has started doing his or her work ideally at once. All you need is understand the mistakes and analyze them.

Talk to your teacher, ask for advice. Write down all the recommendation and read them before starting the next task. Bear in mind that no obstacle is ever insurmountable. You just need to practice more to write perfect expository essay. 


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