The five-paragraph essay is a standard format of the compositions. For sure there are different others, but this one is the most common. It has an exact structure which you can keep as a model for the successful piece. It’s extremely important to determine the type of your essay you are asked to write. There are various papers, though, to make students less confused, they are divided into four major groups such as narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essay. Figuring out the type will help you define the topic of your composition accurately.

If you are writing for standardized tests, you should realize that they are normally of two types – persuasive, where you are supposed to answer the question and literary – where you have to write about something you’ve read. How to write 5-paragraph Essay?Before you put your pen on the paper, read the task carefully and try to distinguish what exactly you intend to write. Having read the assignment, you’ve done the half of your work. It usually consists of only a few sentences, but it contains all you have to include in your

com/write-comparison-essay-useful-guide-university-students/”>essay. Underline all important words that will help you expand the topic. Fix the subject of your composition and the three main ideas. Create a strict plan to make your writing more smoothly and quickly. Each paragraph should contain one argument. You may proceed to start your essay after having decided what to include in each part of the writing.

Doing standardized tests in which you’ve got the task to write a five paragraph essay, you are supposed to have it 500 to 800 words to write 5-paragraph Essay

Let’s find out what parts a 5-paragraph essay includes and how to write each of them

1. The introduction

Let’s realize how to write 5-Paragraph Essay.

You have to start the paper with an introduction. The main mission of this part is helping you to attract the audience’s attention. Try to present at the beginning the central issue and give the general idea of your topic. If it seems difficult for you to create an interesting narrative hook, you can begin with the main body and then come back to improve your beginning sentence.

Then, you should present some background information that will help understand the topic. The next step is to state your thesis. Show the readers the focal view of your essay.

Giving your thesis is like writing the plan for your paper.

2. The body paragraphs

The main body of your composition should include three paragraphs providing your opinions.

Here you extend your points mentioned in the introduction, speaking about one idea in each paragraph. To create an effect of confidence, body the essay with the distinctive plan. Start with the strongest argument in the first paragraph, then follow the middle and finish with the strongest again.The beginning sentence of each paragraph we call the topic sentence. It is linked to your thesis and states your view.

This sentence should be highly concrete and create a focus for your discourse in the whole paragraph.There are various types of essay, and each of them may have its specificity that each part should comprise. You have to consider this fact when you are noting your thoughts. You should include evidence or examples providing your opinion. You’ve stated your thesis in the introduction and now give each the three examples or evidence. Then show in two or three sentences how they support your ideas. The closing sentence of the paragraph summarizes your opinions and links back to your topic sentence.Thus, each body paragraph has following scheme: topic sentence –example or evidence 1 – commentary – example or evidence 2 – commentary – example or evidence 3 – commentary – summarizing sentence.

3. The conclusion

The last paragraph is the concluding paragraph. In conclusion, you should present your opinions that you have stated in the introduction.

But it’s not the absolute copy of the written above thesis. Rewrite them considering the arguments you gave in the main body.Writing your conclusion, you should summarize all your ideas and convince the reader that you proved your every thesis in the main paragraphs. Refresh the arguments you gave to support your opinion. Don’t forget to add new information. You must stick to the topic and discuss only this questions that you stated at the beginning.The conclusion should be written in a short and strict form. The last sentence should make the final effect on your reader.

Your task is to force people to think of the topic after they finish your essay, thus leave here a quote, a warning or an appeal to act. Do you still hesitate how to write 5-paragraph Essay?

Step-by-step instructions how to edit your essay

In case, you’ve saved enough time for your work, don’t try to do everything in a flash. Your brain needs some rest, so, as soon as you have written your drafts, take a break and go for a walk. After having refreshed your mind, read your paper once again and make certain that everything corresponds to the requirements.Here are some aspects that you are supposed to check:

  1. While putting on the paper your thoughts, you may not notice misspellings in your words. Especially, it has to do with those words that sound similar, for example, you may misspell the words “to,” “too” and “two.” The main thing you are thinking about while writing is how to formulate your opinion and make it understandable for the readers. That’s why it’s utterly necessary to look your essay through and rewrite misspelling words.

  2. The formulation of your thoughts must be grammatically appropriate to help you explain what purpose you wanted to achieve. Grammar mistakes can make your paper difficult to comprehend and will distract the audience from the central idea.
  3. Smoothness and consistency. Your composition should be attractive to read and easy to understand. Present the assumptions in the logical sequence, avoid repetitions and stick to the structure form.

    Disjoin sentences that are too long and connect ones that are too short. Include linking words where there is a need for them. The reader should enjoy reading your paper, not only understand.

  4. Ascertain that you define how to format your essay.

    If you don’t, ask your teacher what style you should choose and organize your paper according to it.

Don’t miss the chance to ask someone for help. You’ve been creating your paper for a long period and possibly wouldn’t notice all the mistakes. In case you allow someone to read your composition, they can easily grasp what you’ve omitted. Show your talent as you know how to write 5-paragraph Essay. 


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