How many of you are renting an apartment? Do youlove the place you live? Well, imagine that the landlord told you that his wifeneeded to move in, and you have to get out of the apartment in a month. This is a reason that is legallyacceptable to evict tenants. However, the wife never moved in; instead, the landlord listed your unit onAirbnb at an average of $80 per night more than you would be paying. You are forced out of a place you loved, and withan old dog you have, it is incredibly difficult for you to find a new home within a short period. What if I told youthat you are not alone, that you are just one of many tenants who have been illegally evicted from apartments,which were then rented out on Airbnb? What would you do? Do you wish therewould be more regulations on Airbnb, so the rights of long-term tenants likeyou can be protected?  Thesis andPreview: Today I’d like to tell youaboutwhy cities should ban Airbnb.

I will discuss first, the safety concerns for travellers, second, how Airbnb has a negative effect on the home values and local neighborhoods, and finally, how the cities’economy and house market are affected by Airbnb.I.                  BodyTransition into the body of speech: I’ll begin by telling you about the safety concernsof Airbnb as a guest. We all have the experiences of cancelling hotels becauseof change of plans, and we know that hotels cannot cancel our bookings. However, Airbnb hosts can cancel yourreservation last minute. There was an incident happened earlier this year; I amsure you have all heard the news on radio or TV. A girl and her three friendsdrove two hours in snowing winter weather to spend the weekend in Big Bear.

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Whenthey finally arrived near the place, she found that her Airbnb reservation wascancelled by the host because she is Asian. Literally,cancelled her reservation because of race. Academic Source 1 Harvard Business School hadalready published an article about digital discrimination back in 2014. (Edelman & Luca, 2014) They collected photos ofall New York City homeowners renting on Airbnb with their rental information andprices.

They found that for the equivalent room, non-black hosts charge about12% more than black hosts. Source 2 According to an article published on Fox NewsTravel on August 25, 2015, a commercial security expert told us that becauseAirbnb rentals are all private arranged, it is unreliable because oflack of management such as 24-hour surveillance, quality control, andcompliance with laws and regulations to protect guests.(Gaskell, 2015) Cities should come out tohave more rules on Airbnb to protect travellers. Transition Notonly guests have to take the safety and security risk to stay at Airbnbrentals, Airbnb hosts and their neighborhoodalso have to sacrifice their privacy and safety.  Of course, youcan make extra cash by hosting on Airbnb, but sometimes you mightend up losing more.  We have heard a lot about Airbnb guests damaging rentalproperties or disturbing their neighbors.The quality of neighborhoods fall fromnegative factors caused by Airbnb, such as safety, noise, and the propertyvalue decreases.  Source 3 According to an article published on The Guardian Newspaper on September 18, 2016, even if you are notthe host but just a neighbor to an Airbnb listing, and if you have been indisputes with Airbnb, when you try to sell your house, you must inform thepotential buyer that you have had disputes with Airbnb next to you.

If you do not do that, you can be heldfor misrepresentation. It is your obligation tolet them know. (Williams,2016)Asa result, cities should ban Airbnb to protect our communities. Transition Airbnb is not onlydestroying local neighborhood home values but also has negative impacts on thecities’ economy as well as the housing market. Firstof all, Airbnb is not paying enough hotel tax as a typical hotel does. For example, in New York City, the hotel roomoccupancy tax is 5.875 percent.

Source 4In October 2014, the office of New York State Attorney General released a report that concluded that there wasaround $33 million unpaid tax from short-term rentals on Airbnb. Few Airbnbhosts appear to have filed the paperwork with the city, nor did Airbnb collectany of the hotel taxes. (Schneiderman, 2014) The hotel tax revenue that cities lost fromAirbnb could have been invested in improving the essential quality of life forits residents.Secondly,the long-term housing market has beenaffected by Airbnb because of the professionalised,more profitable short-term rentals. Instead of selling houses, people are putting them on Airbnbfor short-term rentals, which causes lower vacancy rate. Source 5 Accordingto an article from The American Prospect Magazine published on October 19,2015, a study by a legislative office in San Francisco concluded that Airbnbalone has removed nearly a quarter of available vacant units form the housingmarket. (Hill, 2015)Whenthere is not enough housing on the market, housing prices go up, and rents go up too. Forcities with a profound shortage of affordable housing like Los Angeles, we haveto ban Airbnb to stop the professionalisedshort-term rentals.

II.               Conclusion Review of mainpoints: In conclusion, Airbnb is less safeand secure as hotels for travellers.Airbnb has caused issues in our local neighborhoods as well as the city’s economy andhousing market.Closer: Airbnbhas destroyed communities in which we live and work. As a result of Airbnb, theelderly, families, and low-income tenants are being pushed out from the city.Cities must work together with residentsto regulate Airbnb, and keep our community as a safe place for families andchildren.


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