How does a camera work?. A camera is a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, films and videos. The camera was discovered by Nicephore Niepce in 1816. Nicephore Niepce was a French inventor who was the first to make a photographic image (born 7th of march,1765 died on july 5th,1833).  When lithography became a popular hobby in france,1813 Nicephore Niepce began experimenting. In April,1816 Nicephore Niepce began experimenting photography, which he called heliography using a camera but he didn’t succeed.

In 1822 he was still working on photography but he used light, a small shine of light and it worked and he got an image using a cameraThere are three main parts (elements) of a camera 1- The optical element (the lense)                                                                                   2- A chemical element (the film)                                                                                  3- A mechanical element (the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                           cameras body itself)When these three parts work together they can produce images and record videos.let’s explain.The light rays from the object located in front of the camera reflect from the object and into the lense.

  A lense is a curved piece of glass or plastic in which light rays bend or change directions and land on the film upside down. Light slows down when it travels through glass and that gives the film a lot of time to capture the image. When the image lands on the film the film does chemical reactions to decide the colour of the image and record the light.

The angle of the light rays passing through the lense is very important for its focus, because if you want a clear mage you will move the camera’s lense closer and farther to have a clear image and this movement changes the angle that the light rays enter the lense and land on the film. The aperture is basically the lenses opening, It controls the amount of light that passes through to the film. Related to that there is the shutter the shutter is usually located on top of the film. when you want to take a photo you press a button which opens the shutter allowing all the light to land on the film and taking a photo.

And with the help of the aperture you can control the amount of light passing through the shutter onto the film. The camera’s body has quit an important job of holding all the pieces together and providing a dark area inside the cameraA camera relates to optics in many ways but most importantly it’s lense. Optics is manly about light and cameras only works with the present of light as Nicephore Niepce discovered in 1822 and most importantly what ibn-al haytham said in his book (kitab al manazir) book of optics that he wrote in the islamic golden age. When the light reflects from the object and into the lense the light passes through the lense


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