How to discover good peers and good role models? Is it applicable for our life as an adolescents nowadays? Well, as we fulfill and discover any of these,we all know that there are a lot of circumstances that might been experienced. By these,we are going to accept new things within what we are about to discover.            Peers are also the one’s who relieves our problems nor stress.

They are important by means of being a good influence to us. Sometimes they are our motivators in life. They are the ones that can be shared and cherish good times in our lives. By them, we are even more productive as we go beyond and making our life more comfortable with them.

To make sure that they are good influence to us, we must understand clearly our insights to them, for it will recognizes the goodness and the bad sights. People can learn empathy from their peers, but also from all of the people that was been closed to them on how to develop empathy. The people we surround ourself with dramatically influence our beliefs,habits,and behaviors. In many ways,we bacame from who we associate with and that is really the importance of our peers. I want to make sure that everyone knows what makes them different right now, and make it stand out later in life. So, we should be proud of being with them as your and our good peers. Peers also motivates you to what you have been aiming for,they are the ones who cheer up on you to not give up easily but must go on and enjoy the  fight through success.

According to Sarah Robb O’Hagan, “The key to success is people— your peers,your friends, and your colleagues. The larger your work becomes the more you will see how important that is”. So it stated there that peers are very applicable to our life. As we relate  it to our life, we must think what really matters when you’re with them. We,millenials of today can also be a good role model to others. We can predict any doings that can give learnings to adolescents. Role models are one of the most special people beacause with them you can have and can learn new learnings in life.

We are adolescents,we are also born to be the role model for other adolescents. Why do you search others to be your role model? The world is waiting to see your success story. So, be one of a kind of being a good role model.

  Being a role model is not about money or fame,it is about the confidence you have in yourself to be it. Eve when you have many haters in life and you think they are not part of your life,the thing to do is just love them because according to the saying, ” Love your enemies,it is the thing that fully drags them”. Never live to be like your role models but live to be better than them. Be a role model type,by changing bad habits of successful role models,beacause behind this doings we’ll be having good life and aside from this you’ll be able to meet new people,new influences and new learnings. To adolescents who has relationship status, all I can say is that, do not look for a wealthy man or woman.

Do not look for someone with an easy life or a higher degree.Do not look for someone with good looks or a grea sense of fashion. All those things are deceiving.

Look for a friend. Look for a companion. Look for someone who understands you. Look for someone who’s soul recognises yours and yours recognises them. Let the heart choose for you and not the mind or eyes. Learn how to wait for the right. Look for someone who can build an empire with.

Look for someone you can scratch with and rise together. Relationships are about complementarity,it’s about bringing the best out of each other and not about feeding on the best of one another. Look for someone who embraces your dreams and ambitions. Look for a man you can help and guide in achieving his dreams.Look for a woman you can support and protect with out fear of being dumped due to bad influences. Look for sincerity,loyalty,dedication,peace and wisdom.Look for a good role model for everyone,and look the part too.

Build togetherness,you go stronger and content.But if one comes in a relationship already wealthy or well off than other,there’ll always be a sort and a sense of power,inbalance or inequality. Let’s build together,let’s work on each others dreams and visions. Let’s invest in the development of one another. Let’s embrace each other’s weaknesses. In life, there’s many contradictions about what you want and what you had. We lived in a world filled with temptations,distractions,and countless opportunities,but as men who seek to be godly role models for people,we must turn our thoughts and hearts away from the evil of this world.

We must turn it up instead to God.


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