House of Cards is a political drama tv-series that airs on Netflix produced by Beau Willimon. House of Cards is loosely based and made by the same concept as the original British series with the same name based on the novel by Michael Dobbs.The main character, Francis J.

Underwood is a power-hungry politician and the Majority whip for the Democrats in the United States congress. After being betrayed by President Walker that promised him the role as Secretary of State in his administration Francis starts to go behind the presidents back in order to get a position in the his cabinet. Francis is now hungry and will do anything to climb to the top off the food chain, even murder. He uses his strong will and power of persuasion to get as he wants, he also finds a young political reporter named Zoe Barnes who he gives exclusive scoops to write to create chaos and manipulate the administration.For the show itself, I can’t sum it up any better than by saying it’s very good to watch. One of the aspects I like the most is the monologues, or breaking of the fourth wall, between the viewer and Frank. It is an unbelievably effective method of telling the story as well as the of emotion or opinion of his character, he does a great job at pulling it off, along with every other aspect of his complicated and appealing character.

The quality of the directing and writing is even better than most top-rated shows in the world right now. Each character has a different and critical role to play. No character is irrelevant to the story and they all play an important role with a lot of different personalities, which is hard to achieve. That might be just some of the many reasons they have won a staggering six Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.If you want a new show to binge-watch, like I did, this is the perfect one for you .

It is still extremely great even if you are not that into politics, which I am though, by enlightening so much more than political issues. It is one of the best shows on one of the best streaming services, which means you can watch all five seasons and sixty-five episodes without the need to watch through hours of commercials. An absolute must-watch according to me. House of Cards, the best political drama/thriller to watch after a long day at work! But hurry up to start watching now since the next and last season comes out in just a couple of months.


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