Hotmail is a server providing free email service to all itsusers. You just have to register at Hotmail and it can help you connect withmultiple people with just a single click. How amazing is it! Along with mails,it also allows multitudinous features like security of data, communicationthrough images, filters, sweep, remove span and the list goes on and on and on.

Talking in professional terms, email is a primary tool.Communication between managers at a top level to a clerk at the lower level ismade with the use of emails. Just imagine how an email would look without asignature. As similar as an empty blotted paper! An address is essential aswithout it, it will look highly unprofessional.

Hotmail Customer Support is creating an engaging platform sothat you all can discover yourself and makes an end to all your queries. Youjust have to give a note down of your thoughts and we will take care of therest.  Hotmail also offers you to create a digital sign in youremail which can be sent to multiple users at a time. The process continues asfollows:-1.

       Open youraccount and go to windows live toolbar.2.       You need tocreate it by going through more options. 3.       Look for themessage font and signature in the same page of the website.

4.       Choose thebest from the multiple options of different signatures. Also you can add anyimage under your signature or your company name and designation.5.       Thisintelligent software won’t add your signature automatically unless you enableit to do.6.       Add yoursignature anytime you want it. After framing it, save your changes to completethe process.

 You can custom it anytime you want but ensure to use itagainst the right person. Also, beware of the hackers or cyber-crime during theprocess.Else, contact Hotmail Customer Number to have admissibleanswers for high voltage questions.  


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