Hosseini began writing his first novel, The Kite Runner, while practicing medicine. This novel was published in seventy countries but never in Afghanistan. Hosseini served as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR. Hosseini also started his own Foundation when he took a trip to Afghanistan.

Which provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. He started this foundations because he was disturbed about the situation of his country that he was born in. In the book The Kite Runner is based off an afghanistan boy named Ami. He faces a lot of childhood struggles, including his childhood getting destroyed by the war. Afghanistan is split by two religious groups, Sunni which is the most populated and Shi’a which is less populated. Amir tries to fit in and have a good relationship with his father, Baba.

Meanwhile Baba keeps a secret from Amir his entire life, this secret includes Hassan. Hassan is a Shia Muslim, he is a servant with his father, Ali. They live in the small house behind Baba’s house. It first begins with Amir’s Childhood in Kabul; Amir and Baba, which is his father, in California and then Amir’s return to Kabul.

In The Kite Runner, The impact of the violent scenes creates the theme of every family has difficulties. Hosseini’s use of narrative Focus during the violent scenes also develops the characters of Hassan, Amir, and Assef.             In the novel, The Kite Runner, rape has drastically changed the life of Amir.  Every family has difficulties, some may end relationships for example Amir and Hassan. When Amir was in kabul as a kid, he watched Hassan get raped by Assef, the town bully. Hassan sacrificed himself to get a kite that Amir wanted. Amir had a chance to help Hassan and could finally please his father but instead he said, “In the end, I ran”( Hosseini 77).

Amir believed that if the price for the kite is for Hassan to get raped and he believed it was in a selfish act and it haunts him throughout his life. Amir first ignores Hassan because he feels too guilty to be around him but since they live together that can never really happen. Amir and Baba start to hangout more after  winning the kite tournament, this did help their relationship to become closer since Baba has won the tournament when he was younger. Amir’s guilt about the rape causes him not to enjoy their time together. Later on Amir asks Baba if they could get new servants, which causes Baba to get furious at Amir and eventually causes their relationship to become strained. Therefore since Baba wouldn’t get new servants, Amir to purposely plants money under Hassan’s bed to try to make them leave. Amir planted the money for Hassan to look like he stole it, but their fathers knew Hassan wouldn’t steal from Amir.

But yet again Hassan sacrifices himself so that Amir wouldn’t get caught and Amir becomes filled with more guilt. Ali and Hassan leave after this causes their family to separate and Baba becomes devastated.          


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