Homo sapiens has always been a greater species of all time but not great enough to crawlinto the past and mend the mistake we do or fly to future to discover what is fixed for us.

Unknown of what will happen we go on solving the little jigsaw puzzle every day, butaspiration has always been a magical time machine that takes us to out bittersweet future,where we need to navigate ourselves to sail path which leads to a successful future. It’s ayardstick through which a person can determine the quality of life he or she will be living. Tosee ourselves in next five years is surely a long journey to be conquered since uncertainty isan uncomfortable position.

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The only certain thing is nothing is certain, yet our dreams andaspiration forbids us from being pulled into uncertainty and forward us to grasp everyopportunity and make best use of it.Like a cow would crave for grass or a honey bee would crave for honey; I, as a studentstudying in bachelors of Science in food technology, the field of food technology obviouslyintrigues me the most and I find this area of subject very fulfilling area of studies. Being ableto run tests on packaging or the food itself is art of its own. And I wish to dwell in it deeperand pioneer the field of food technology with a master’s degree and to be the first one to dodoctorate degree in my course in my country.Food is a very important factor for any country because people are never going to find analternative to replace food to give them all the required nutrients for their body andtherefore making food an interesting subject.

Since a food technologist have a strongbackground on food and their nutrients, I will be improving food products by conductingresearches, test and inspection on food safety, quality, storage, preservation packaging,processing and distribution in next five years before I do my master’s degree for I want tointegrate my skills and enhance my knowledge.People say a foresee future is an act of fool but thinking about it is being ready about it andis surely a healthy habit. I see my future for myself as I scan through my brain cells, a futureso blur that no matter how hard I try, it still remains a mystery yet to be solved. Perhapsthat’s how life is. One cannot predict it but surely can live in the present working fortomorrow with the faith and hope that one will live tomorrow with the life one dreamed.


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