History of SG can separate intomain 2 periods which are ancient and modern SG. Before 19th Century asancient period, Singapore has been well-known since the third century Chinesecalled ?? ??? ??? that meansisland at the end of a peninsula. Then, SG was a part of Sri Vijayan Empire (????????????????) and the city was known as ????????(sea town)due to locate on peak of Malayu that was meeting point forshipping routes at that time. After that, the city was renamed “????????”the lion city because a Prince of Srivijaya named Sang Nila Utama and was thenruled by the five kings of ancient Singapura . Next, the British was anotheractor to drive SG toward during 18th Century through using themeeting point to restore, fill provision and protect own navy , includingobstruct Holland’sinvasion at that time when was the period of colonialism.Next is about modern historywhich we just pick up important circumstances drive SG like todays.

                19thcentury as origin of modern SG history, SG was mainly driven by Sir ThomasStamford Raffles under the British – India Company’s control to facilitate politicsand trade policies. Then,a basictreaty with Temenggong Abdu’r Rahman set up a trading post which affect SG to be arepresentatives of the British in the region of SEA to expand the British power. After that, the Lieutenant-Governor of Bencoolen (now Bengkulu) in Sumatra launched a treatywith the local rulers and established Singapore as a trading station in 1819which emphasize SG is the most suitable location for marine trade at that time. Soon after, SG became thecentral government of the ?????? ????? and SG in 1832 which seem like to empower SG tobe the leader.

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Moreover,during 1869 opening of Suez Canal affect inflow of telegram and steamboat whichincrease SG’spotential as center of trade between Western and Eastern to expand the colonialpower.However, the British government undid to control the British – India Company in 1934 which affectedintervention on trade routes and decline of 1842 unfair treaty between China,Japan, Korea and western states.                 Inthe period of WW II around 1942, SG was occupied by Japan instead of theBritish but SG countered Axis meanwhile the British military base settle there, so conflict was happened.

Finally, Japan could win themilitary of the British – India that recognized as huge failure on the Britishhistory.                SGstill were facing many struggles to shape SG like todays. Especially in 1963, Singaporewas united with Malaysia under Lee Kuan Yew’s support, but it was not smooth. 2 years later, he decided toseparate from Malaysia to end such conflicts. Completely, SG declared independencein 1965 that affect better quality of life among their citizens. Throughout, SG passed heavysituations that contributes SG to strength on their self-governing after gettingindependence because SG learned from the failure of the British as model todevelopment until it can be outstanding in many aspects like the time being.


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