I have been asked to create four pages of a new, teenage magazine aimed at an audience of either or both genders within the range 13 to 19 year olds.

I have been asked to create the front cover, a double page spread and a contents page or an adverts section. I chose to design a music magazine for people of both genders who are aged sixteen and upwards. The magazine is mainly written for people of all ethnic origins who enjoy their music and for people who lived in the region of south-east London.The magazine was created for those who enjoy Rap, Hip-Hop and R’n’B. I chose to design this type of magazine because I enjoy music very much especially this kind of music and I know a lot about the music industry.

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I chose to design a magazine for this age range because I am in that age range, so it easier for me to decide what to put in the magazine because I can think of what I would like to see in the magazine and include it in.The purpose of my magazine was to entertain the audience and to inform the people what is going on in the music world. I also decided to design a contents page to show what was going to be in the magazine. I chose to use neutral colours such as red, black, white and silver so that the magazine wasn’t to profuse but still caught the reader’s eyes.

I made the title bold, I justified it and wrote it in upper and lower case, so it would stand out from the rest of the background.The main picture consisted of some of my friends (which were boys) posing, with screwed up faces to show a gangster/ghetto type of look. The picture took up most of the front page. I also took extra pictures so that I could have pictures in my interview. The front page featured a caption so that the image was anchored down. The front cover contained a few by-lines with one main by-line covering the main story, with the barcode and price featuring in the bottom left hand corner of the magazine.When I was creating the magazine I had to keep in mind the house style of my magazine and the audience I was creating it for because when you are creating a magazine, you are not only selling a magazine to audiences but you are also selling audiences to advertisers who pay for most of the funding which go into the magazine. So I wanted that sophisticated but fun look about it.

I decided that my unique selling point would be what type of information was packed into my magazine because I believe that quality not quantity is a great selling point for a magazine.When I was planning the production of my magazine I decided to draw out an action plan, (see appendix 1) so that I knew what I was doing at what specific time and when I was meant to finish it. When I decided what my target audience was going to be, as part of primary research, I created a questionnaire (see appendix 2) which contained quantities and qualities data and I gave it to people who were in the target audience range to see what they thought of magazines.As part of secondary research I looked at existing magazines and the different styles magazines, photocopies of magazines, interviews in magazines and internet interviews for music of the same genre (see appendix 3).

I drew different layouts of how I wanted my magazine to be constructed (see appendix 4) which helped me decide the best way of constructing a magazine. In class time we had teaching sessions in which we learnt how to analyse front covers of existing magazines, in terms of denotations – basic agreed meaning we would find in a dictionary, and connotations – an additional meaning or association a word might carry.We learnt how depict a magazine bit by bit from the colours to the layout of the images and the ways in which one photograph maybe taken from different angles to show a different perspective. In learning these processes I was able to develop my magazine further so that the themes included in my magazine would convey different meanings to different age groups and classes, it also helped me to decide where I should take the photographs and from what angles. We also learnt how to use emotive language to change the minds of people to that of the person who used the emotive words.I took a series of pictures from different camera angles to see which one had the best effect, because different camera angles of a picture can impose different meanings upon an audience, for example a photograph of someone close up will make the viewer focus upon the features and the facial expression of person being photographed.

I decided that the clothes the people being photographed should wear were fashionable but yet sporty, so that it conveyed a stylish but ghetto look.


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