Hinduism is the oldest type of religious tradition, that is still being followed by humans today.

Hinduism is not necessarily a religion that is organized like most others, and there is no particular set of rules that must be followed. Rather there is types of beliefs, and this religion does believe in a higher being, and based their beliefs upon ideas including dharma, karma, and truth. There are six very important beliefs that Hindus base their religion on. Moksha is one, which is the goal of a soul to acquire.

Moksha means liberation, and it symbolizes when ones soul escapes the cycle of life and death. All souls are immortal is another belief within Hinduism. Hindus believe that a person’s soul is neither created nor destroyed, and they move into another body, which is figured out by karma, which are actions committed by the person in their previous life. They also believe that people must work hard to acquire dharma, which is the moral law in a sense, and it aids people in making righteous and positive decisions and actions. Hindus believe that the Vedas, which are scriptures by the ancients, are the final power. Another important belief of the Hindus is Brahman is the one true God, and is a reality that is present within the universe. Lastly, Hindus have a strong belief that truth is eternal. This exemplifies that truth is reality and is the universe.

Hindus continuously strive to grasp and acknowledge the truth, and is the basis of their religion. Hinduism is most definitely a unique and special religion, making it unlike any other religion. All together, Hinduism contains different aspects from each religion.

Therefore, one can consider Hindus very open minded and willing to understand other religions.  Their very concept of God is intricate and elaborate, so it depends on particular traditions and beliefs of Hinduism. There is not one shared God that Hindus believe in, however; they are able to believe in different Gods, such as Shiva or Shakti. These specific Gods are worshiped by the Hindus, and they have shrines and images, which are devoted the Gods. Even though Hinduism is not the typical religion, and has their own unique set of beliefs, Hindus have the common belief that all religions have, to be a good and moral person. Each religion might have a different motivation for a person to become a moral and virtuous human being, yet in the end the goal is some type of harmony and peace. Within Hinduism, in order to achieve this, one must live an honest and honorable life to lead to good karma. If one has good karma, this will determine the type of life they will live when they are reincarnated.

Overall, many people claim that Hinduism is the same age as the universe, and surrounded by the eternal truths, therefore, they have no source that is mortal. Hinduism is a distinct religion, and have several different aspects that separate them from other types of religions. However, their overall belief and the type of human beings that they strive to be perfectly tie them together with almost every other religion.


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