There are many benefits associated with high-school sports. This essay will discuss these benefits. Almost every parent will want to see his or her child participate in at least a sport, to ensure that this happens, they start encouraging them to play early on in life. This is where kids start participating in sports at young ages. This means that, by the time kids are of the age of going to school going, they will have already known and decided on which game to play. When kids join their school mates in teams, team spirit is fostered in them, and they grow with it into their adulthood. Team sports teach athletes to focus on the same goal, which is winning. This virtue is fostered from a very tender age by their parents, teachers and their coaches.

This helps athletes to grow with creative, social and physical skills that help them in their adult lives. Sports also teach athletes to be good sports persons who appreciate winning and losing as part of the game. People face competition in many spheres of life, in academics, sports, and when applying for jobs in their adulthood. Early participation in competitive sports is a good opportunity, for kids, to understand that it is good to compete in a healthy environment (High school sports 1). Sports also help in the physical well-being of the athlete. It is known that those who actively participate in sports are physically healthy than those who do not participate actively in sports. Sports also help in socialization. Having a chance to spend time outside school with friends helps students to gain life skills through social interaction.

The support and care that youth receives from the patrons or team coaches help them in emotional growth. This also goes a long way in improving their self esteem and preventing anxiety that can sometimes cause unnecessary stress. Sports also prevent many school going kids from engaging in deviant behaviors. Sports provide students with something to focus on and, therefore, avoid the streets and gangs.

This helps not just the child but the family from which he or she comes. The family will be relieved from solving cases that relate to deviance because their child is participating in sports. Communities come together during sports occasions to watch games. High-school sports also offer the athletes, their families, and the whole community, an opportunity to come together and interact during sports events. The community also comes together in support of their sports teams.

Members of the community get a chance to sale foodstuffs, wash cars, and other events through which they generate money that they use to support their teams. Family members come to support and get involved in the lives of their children by supporting them in whatever sport they choose (Payne & Fogarty 1). When a child discovers that he is getting support from the family and the community, the child will work harder to be the best he can be. This is a very important lesson in a child’s life because the child grows with it throughout the entire life. On some occasions, the community can travel with their team during away games just to support and cheer on their team. The kids, therefore, grow up with a sense of belonging and strive to be responsible members of their community (Payne & Fogarty 1).


Sports help children to grow physically, emotionally, and socially and live fruitful lives in their community.

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