heyeveryone I’m a shooting and thank you so much for joining me on my channel nowtoday is pretty exciting because I am doing my very first hacks video all ofthese hacks will get you moving get you excited to work out and just overall helpyou on your fitness and health journey these hacks aren’t hacks that are goingto make you lose weight faster because in all honesty losing weight is prettymuch eat healthier and workout there’s really no tricks or tips other than thatyou know because sometimes I see these fitness and health hacks videos talkingabout like how lemon water will help you lose weight or how eating on a smallerplate will help you lose weight no not really uh drinking lemon water willdefinitely keep you hydrated and eating on a smaller plate will help you eatsmaller portions I guess but none of that is really really really going to helpyou lose weight if you don’t also eat healthy and work out so I don’t reallyknow what that was these are hacks that will help you get moving and getexcited to work out all of that will definitely help you in your fitness andhealth journey so uh please like and share this video and don’t forget tosubscribe if you aren’t already subscribed let’s try and get to a thousandlikes on this video I know that sounds daunting but that’d be absolutelyincredible I know we can do it without further ado here are my top ten fitnesshacks act number one of course music really helps with working out butsometimes your playlists can get a bor-ring so instead download an ebook orpodcasts to listen to all working out trust me when I say that sometimes youare so engaged in a book after your workout is over you just want it to be thenext day so you can workout and listen to the rest of the book so if musicisn’t really your thing or you want to switch it up try a podcast or an e-bookI swear your life will be changed now how’d number two pretty similar to hacknumber one but I want you to schedule your music let’s say you want to work outfor 45 minutes make a playlist 45 minutes long I think this would be great forcardio also just a workout in general but definitely for cardio because we allknow sometimes where cardio sucks hack number three is to schedule yourworkouts in your planner or in your phone on your refrigerator on your mirrorbasically wherever you’re going to see it every day as a daily reminder it istime for you to workout personally for me a deterrent for not working out isjust simply not having any time so schedule your time and make time hack numberfour is to plan out your outfit if you prefer to work out in the morning like Ido sometimes guys getting out of bed at like 7:00 in the morning to work out isa struggle so in order to make the morning more seamless just set out your workoutclothes the night before next to your bedside table a lot of people do thiswith their school or their work outfit so when I do this with your workoutattire placing your workout clothes on your bedside table is a great ideabecause basically when you wake up this is the first thing that you’re going tosee when you open your eyes so it’s just a great reminder for you to get out ofbed and get your ass move in the next hack is a great hack for my wannaberunners out there because running is lame and sometimes it’s really frustratingwhen you set out to run for 15 minutes and you just can’t do that but an easyrunning hack if you’re just starting is to simply run for one minute and thatis it just run for one minute and every day after that increase your runningtime by a minute you’re just going to increase your stamina and your enduranceand you know in 30 days you’re going to be running for 30 minutes so it’s justa good starting point along those lines a quick way to increase your enduranceand stamina for running is to talk or sing while you run this might sound alittle silly and if you prefer to work out by yourself like sometimes I dotalking or singing to yourself in a crowded gym might seem a little cool thisis how Beyonce trained for her performances true story I’ve watched all herdocumentaries so I know this for a fact she would run on the treadmill and singher songs that’s how she started off and now she is Queen Bee giving us twohours of high impact hi you okay the next hack is to wear angle weights whileyou’re running errands if you don’t have time to work out because you have aday full of errands Thrones and ankle weights or throughout a weighted vest andgo run those errands girl so you don’t have to be heavy weights maybe likethree to five pounds or whatever you feel comfortable with but adding let’s sayankle weights to your errands will definitely help work out your legs even ifyou’re just going to the grocery store it’s just a really great way to squeezeout a little workout throughout your day hack number eight is something I’mkind of guilty of sometimes and it is to not sit in between your workout setsare you tired after sprints or tired after your set of weightlifting amazingthat is incredible don’t sit down one you know you want to keep moving you wantto keep your heart rate going you don’t want to get cold and too you know ifyou sit down you might not get back up and that means you might cut yourworkout short trust me this happens to me many times in between a set you geton your phone or just relax within ten minutes later you’re still scrollingthrough Instagram your muscles are cold and now you don’t even want to work outanymore so you know what just avoid the situation altogether and in betweensets don’t sit down just maybe walk around catch your breath drink some waterstay up hack number nine is really easy and it’s to work out with a friendworking out with a friend is more fun and more motivating so if you need thatextra push call up your best friend and drag them to the gym with you andfinally my last hack is to flavor your water I know at the beginning of thevideo I was talking a little bit of shit about Fitness hack videos thatincorporate water into it and saying if you drink more water you’re going tolose weight that’s not true and that’s not the reason why I’m telling you thisis a hat I’m saying flavor your water for hydration purposes the more you workout the more dehydrated you feel and just in general we all tend to be moredehydrated because we just don’t drink as much water as we should so Ipersonally drink 3 liters of water every day that’s just something I’ve grownaccustomed to because I know when my body is dehydrated so three liters everyday is kind of just like my baseline and honestly sometimes it’s boring and Idon’t want to finish it and I know it’s just water but sometimes I need tospice it up a little bit so flavor your water with fruit and mint leaves soyou’ll give your body a different taste while drinking water changing up yourflavor of water definitely makes a difference and keeps me on my water goals okayeveryone those are my ten fitness hacks to help keep you motivated and healthyif you like this video again please give it a thumbs up this is my first hacksvideo so if you want to see any other hacks video please comment in the commentsection I would love for you to let me know what kind of other videos you wouldlike to see or even if you liked this video let me know I miss you dang thankyou so much for watching and I’ll see you guys later bye  


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