Here’s a shout out to
the women who want classier and chic vape pen. Today you will find a variety of
vaping gadgets impeccable for gaining a great vaping experience. We have
already test all our kits for women by our experts assuring you that you are
getting the finest of the product. Our teams of experts are always ready to
help you in guiding whether you are a new vaper or somebody looking out for advancement.
Researches show that women have switched more from tobacco to vaping than men
since concluded by the Public Health England that e-cigs are more than 90%  mild than cigs. It has been anticipated as a
medicine that too licensed alternative to anti-smoking.

Primarily the vaping
industry was dominated by men but survey conducted in 2015 conducted by a brand
showed that more than half were female users. With the rise of the vaping trend
it is assumed that e-cigs promote smoking since many celebs are now into it.

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Renowned director,
Louise Stamper, stated ‘There’s a budding trend in women switching towards
vaping. It is difficult to answer about the switch, but it seems that people
are more concerned about their appearance and saving a few bucks.’

However to control the
quality measures going smooth it will be monitored by TPD.

Here’s a list of a few
brands mentioned below:


Out of the list of many
Elead iCare stood out to be a performer throughout. It is small in size having
5 distinctive colors and is user friendly as its battery gets activates while
you inhale.

Having a 320mAh battery
with 1.3ml internal tank which is sufficient enough for the day but incase if
you need, it will only be a minute and you are done with refilling. It is
advised to change the coil once in a month and just to keep it safe it provided
with a velvet pouch to be kept inside the bag.


Compressed, handy and
user friendly making it easier for the new users and useful add on to an existing
kit. A must to have in the kit to complete the set it is advised to have one. Having
a side filling feature makes it really worth having as it’s really quick on the
charging side as well.


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