Health care and science has always been a passion of mine, which has highly influenced my decision to study Dental hygiene and therapy. In order to attend my chosen course at university I completed a dental nursing apprenticeship.

I was placed in a local dental practice where I was able to work alongside highly experienced and supportive dentists and dental hygienists. I learned about the priority of patient health and safety within the dental practice; whilst my classes gave me an understanding of the dangers of certain micro-organisms that can be a potential threat in the dental surgery. Patient care is an essential skill needed to become a dental therapist; one I feel comes naturally to me as I have always wanted to work in the health care field. For the period of a year, I worked as a locum dental nurse enabling me to adapt to new environments as well as familiarising myself with various dental soft-wares including R4 care stream, SOE and Exact. From my experience working with different dentists I observed a variety of methods and techniques used in dental treatments such as crown preparation, root canals and periodontal treatment; alongside learning good work ethics and a strong team spirit.

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When I needed work experience I personally sought out practices which I felt had a high standard of oral health care adding to my resolve and enthusiasm to study science and dental therapy. Some of the skills I acquired were taking the initiative, adapting to new teams, organisational skills, and the ability to discern which qualities I wanted and needed to bring to the dental profession. I was particularly drawn to the role of dental therapist/ hygienist as I see it as one of the utmost priorities in an environment where there is a greater and ever-increasing need for the public to be conscious of the importance of regular maintenance of their teeth. I feel I can personally express the importance of oral health, as within my role I have now become more passionate about oral health as well as the aesthetic side of dental care. I am a versatile individual, and this has given me a professional outlook enabling a successful transition from working as a dental nurse to going back to full time education. My studies so far have been invaluable to me acquiring knowledge I know will help me now and will continue to do so into the future.

I am aware that a study of maths and science helps me to acquire a range of skills as they are the threshold to address matters in a thorough way. Studying biology during my Access to Science course will provide me with a deeper understanding of the anatomical foundations of teeth and the human body. The anatomy of nerves is something I find particularly interesting because; during my apprenticeship I was able to learn how each nerve is connected, and during my study of biology this year I look forward to understanding further how all the nerves in the body are interlinked. Studying physics and chemistry will also give me a good rounded knowledge to understand the key fundamentals of life. Chemistry fascinates me due to its delicate balance of varying properties. As I will be taught in extensive detail during this course, certain chemicals or chemical reactions are affected by temperatures or lightings; materials and chemicals used in the dental surgery can also be affected by such factors. The content of the Access to Science course really intrigues me because the different aspects of science will expose my mind to many possibilities.

My experiences were the impetus for me to gain the assets found in a team leader- such as patience and tolerance enabling me to be a team leader for a children’s science camp. As I interacted with others I saw that good communication and the confidence to express oneself in a clear but friendly manner is extremely important. I feel I am a suitable candidate to be considered for this course because of my hands-on experience as a dental nurse and my deepening love for science.


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