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Parkinson’sdisease is a neuro-degenerative disorder, leading to progressive degenerationof functions related to motor abilities of the patients due to death ofdopamine-producing brain cells. In the initial phases of the disease, the overtsymptoms are shaking, slowness of movement, and difficulty with walking.Behavioral problems or problems in thinking may also occur. Dementia generallyoccurs in the latter stages

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The situation just entered its upmost thrill, and youfeel that you just entered the point of no return. Do I run? Do I attack thebank robber? Do I stay calm? So many choices, and so many dangerous outcomes.I am telling you from personal experience, bank robbers are savages. They don’tcare about anyone but themselves and

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This title, difference between crime and offence, may appearwrong or at least paradoxical to some of the readers. This is because of thefact that most people believe crime and offence to have the same meaning to beused interchangeably. Of course, there are great similarities between the twoconcepts, but despite the overlapping there are subtle differences

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There are several reasons forrapid changes in sentencing structures and basically all of them are veryimportant and valid points. In the reading it lists about six different causesof rapid changes. One cause that was listed was “Experimental and statisticalstudies of judicial sentencing found substantial disparity and both racial andclass discrimination. Such inconsistencies and disparities fostered

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Every minute in Texas, a car crash is reported, and everycouple and a half hours in Texas, a person is killed in an auto accident, whileanother one gets injured every two minutes and seven seconds. These numbers arebased on the 2015report by the Texas Department of Transportation. This makes auto accidentsone of the most common

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Many clinical tests that allowPhysical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants to perform tests in orderto report patients’ limitations and restrictions. The article “Timed Up &Go as a measure for longitudinal change in mobility after stroke – Postural StrokeStudy in Gothenburg (POSTGOT)” explores Timed “Up and Go” (TUG) test. For thepurpose of this research paper we

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BackgroundThroughout the years,various techniques such as external fixators, intramedullary nails and combinationof both has been developed to correct lower limb length discrepancies usingbasic principles of periosteum-respecting osteotomy and gradual distraction.1CasepresentationA 23 year old gentlemanpresented to us with delayed union right supracondylar femur fracture followinga motor-vehicle accident 5 months prior, sustaining open comminuted fracturesof bilateral distal


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