Background: immunodeficiency occurs simultaneously in B and T

Background: Hyper-IgM syndrome (HIGM) is a rare primary immunodeficiency in whichdefective B cell isotype switching results in a phenotype characterized byelevated or normal serum IgM levels and low levels of other immunoglobulinclasses, leading to an increased susceptibility to infection, neutropenia,autoimmune disorders, and malignancies. In this disease, a mutation occurs in CD40gene, and immunodeficiency occurs simultaneously

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DISCUSSIONDiabetes mellitus is a major worldwide public health problem including Saudi Arabia. It has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that Saudi Arabia has the second highest rate of diabetes in the Middle East and the seventh in the world2.  It is likely that both genetic and environmental factors play important role in

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DENTISTRYIN THE NEW MILLENNIUM It’san old saying that “smile is the curve that makes things straight” and Dentistsare the one working to keep this curve perfect. So coming towards dentistry inthis modern era one can realize the advancement in this field has broughthim/her from road side denture activities to a high class, efficient and wellequipped Dental

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Dental maturity, expressed as dental age(DA), plays a vital role in forensic medicine andclinical dentistry.1-3 When a living person with a dubious chronological age(CA) certificate orclinical doctors need to understand dental maturity for the succeeding diagnosis andtreatment, dental age becomes a more critical issue to provide some valuable information.2Knowledge of the age of living individuals


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