Having said that,you already learn the dangers of sugar to your health, why don’t you considerthe following this 7 day detox that can help you trim down excess fat andflatten your belly in just 7 days.Day 1: Breakfast: A good amount ofspinach paired with boiled or baked eggs added with a small slice of cheese.

Morning Snack: Tamarialmonds are excellent for a mid-day snackLunch: Green saladadded with sweet pepper and cheeseDinner: Saladtogether with baked chicken and spinach  Snack: A combination of ¼ cup ricotta low-fatcheese, vanilla extract about ¼ of a teaspoon added with a few drops of vanillaextract for flavoringDay 2: Breakfast: Frittatawith feta and sun-dried tomato. Sun-dried tomato, feta, and frittata combinationis enough to break your fastMorning Snack: Almonds,but Tamari almond is preferableLunch:  A combination of chicken, pepper and spinachAfternoon Snack: Freshvegetables and spinach Dinner:. Turkey-lettuce wraps, garnished with sautéedspinach, mushroom, and peppers.Snack: 1 stick ofstring cheeseDay 3: Breakfast: Smoothiemade up of peanut butter proteinMorning Snack: 3pieces of hard-boiled egg whitesLunch: Green Saladgarnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet peppers together with turkey lettucewrapsAfternoon Snack:Feta frittata. Dinner: Chickenbeing grilled added with herbs and vegetable soupSnack: Sugar freevanilla chia puddingDay 4: Breakfast: Santa Festyle FrittataMorning Snack: 1stick string cheeseLunch: Grilledchicken mixed with cilantro saladAfternoon Snack: Sugar-freepeanut butter and celeryDinner: Acombination of Chicken, bean stew added with zucchini and cheese bitesSnack: Half a cup oflow-fat cottage cheese together with cucumber slicesDay 5: Breakfast: Sta Fe style FrittataMorning Snack: Rawvegetables with Spicy feta dipLunch: Green saladgarnished with cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and Soup Afternoon Snack: Greek SaladDinner:. Low-carbcheese bread sticks and green bean salad Snack: Sugar-free vanilla chia puddingDay 6: Breakfast: Egg muffin (crust less).

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Egg muffinwithout the crust Morning Snack: Half of a cup low-fat cottagecheese combined with ¼ of a teaspoon vanilla extract Lunch: A few cheesebread sticks together with green bean saladAfternoon Snack:. Rawvegetables with spicy Mediterranean dipDinner: Zucchini noodleswith garlic-lemon drumsticks


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