a dynamic experience in the field of investment banking I have throughout my
career drive lead several strategic, high-priority projects across different
functions *(From Conventional to Islamic
Finance), and develop management skills through close collaboration with
senior leaders, having a well rounded compound exposure in the emerging markets
as well as in developing markets have broadened my technical expertise and
global strategy insights.

Training & Business Experience:

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recession of 2007 brought the global economy to the brink of a crash. Consequently,
the global economy structure is in need of a rebalancing and recalibration.
Given the trickle-down effects of the conventional finance, Islamic finance
could be the substitute the global economy requires in order to prevent future
appalling economic recession due to its being directed by ethical and cultural

a profound knowledge, experience in the field of analyzing several companies
fundamentals I have structured my career to be broadened not only in
conventional finance but also in the complex field of Islamic finance as well.
Having a robust exposure in leading numerous Islamic finance transactions I
have analyzed the importance it brings to the current global economy structure.

my experience/knowledge to the class I have a staunch belief that I will be an
asset to the participants by introducing them how various modes of Islamic
finance has reengineered and reshaped leading banks into changing modes of
transactions from conventional to Islamic banking. i.e *(ICBC and Bank of China executing transactions in Islamic finance
products for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a $62 Billion project).

Center for Islamic Finance &
Business Strategy:

I Believe I can play a Vitol role in establishing a complete new
research center for Islamic finance that has to be introduced in HKUST, as
Islamic finance is relatively new to Hongkong financial markets, the HKMA is
strongly examining development in this area, HKUST along with HKMA can enhance
the cooperation in this regard which will augment the regulatory framework
Islamic finance has to offer.


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