Having to live in a society without due process rights would end up very bad to the people living in that society. People would be wrongfully committed and getting sent to prison and walking on the streets would be a criminal who committed the crimes. I would absolutely not want to have to live in a society without due process. A society that could not guarantee due process in their criminal justice system would be a very scary society, as for the citizens they would be afraid of their government and anyone that had anything to do with the government.  For the most part of our society, we all feel safe and secure if we follow the rules and laws. If due process was not a part of our society in the criminal justice system, then strong would prevail and be able to control the weak and all hope would be lost.

The government should be limited in its power and it should serve the people.  Without those limitations, we would not live in a free society.  Should I be faced with charges, I want my fate to be decided by an impartial jury with regard to my constitutional rights.  I want to be assured that I will have the right to present evidence as to my innocence and that the evidence presented by the prosecution was obtained legally.  Without due process, the Criminal Justice system would be far too empowered.  Due process was established by our founding fathers to ensure that the governing bodies of our country did not interfere with rights of the people.  Having to live in a society that had no due process would mean that there was nothing to stop the police from abusing their power.

  We would be living, essentially, in a police state.  There would be no opportunity for social change or personal freedoms, and life would be lived in fear.  To answer the question, no, living in a society where there was not a guarantee of due process would not be suitable for my family to live in.


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