Having a disability can be difficult for a child and it can effect major factors like education.

  I am studying disabilities because I want to find out how children can devolve and have a “normal” education in a public school environment. The purpose of my research paper is to investigate more in-depth how special education plays the key role in education for a student with disabilities. Also, what disabilities fall under Special Education, and what kind of services they can provide for a student in order to let my audience know, and myself, what Special Education can provide.

 Annotated Bibliography Dorfman, Michael (2014, September 24) How Do I Get Special Education Services for My Child with Special Needs? Legal & Planning, Special Education. Retrieved from http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2014/10/01/how-do-i-get-special-education-services-for-my-child-with-special-needs/ This article is from Friendship Circle under special needs resources. Talks about how disability effects on a student’s education.

Also, discuss what special education is about and what are some of the laws that go along with special education. Also, gives a brief information on how the IDEA law works with students with disabilities. Includes the 13 categories of disabilities that will make a student fall under the IDEA law and special education. It also talks about the evaluation process. The article is credible because it comes from a non-profit organization that helps individuals and families with disabilities with a lot of services.  New Bedford School Department (2017)  New Bedford Public Schools. Special Education        Services. Retrieved from http://newbedford.


aspx?portalId=67022=160027 This article is from New Bedford Public School. It is really a portal of the New Bedford Public Schools services and information. But the specific part that I wanted to focus about is the Special Education services they offer. This educational website is from the school district and includes all the information and programs they offer within the school district. For example, one of the many programs they offer is TR (Transitional Resource Program). According to this program, a student will have specialized education and classrooms that will accommodate students with developmental delays or any other disabilities within the categories of qualification.

This article or portal is credible because is from is created but the New Bedford Public Schools.   National Center for Education Statistic (2017, May) Children and Youth With Disabilities. Retrieved from https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_cgg.asp  This article comes from researchers that focused on how many students with disabilities benefit from the IDEA law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

This law mandates that all children from 3-21 years old are entitled to free services and program within the special education services. Also, the child will have to fall under the 13 categories of disability type in order to get services. I going to utilize some of the graph showing the percentage of children that are benefiting from this service and/or law. This statistic or news are credible because they are made by the Institute of Education Science and they are evaluated by the U.S Department of Education.


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