Have any ofyou guys seen a homeless person begging for money or a homeless person holdinga sign like this or similar to this (hold up sign saying homeless please help).You probably all have seen it in front of your eyes. But when you see them youmay think are they really going to use the money? Are they really homeless orare they just faking it? Well, if you don’t help them and just assume theirbackstory let me just tell you you’re not a good human. Take the risk and walkup to them, ask them how they got in this position and then make the decisionto help them or not. Don’t just assume.

A homeless person is defined as an individualwithout permanent housing who may live on the streets. A homeless person is notonly a person who lives on the streets but also might stay in an unstable ornon- permanent area such as in a temporary shelter, abandoned building, avehicle or so on. Not all homeless people stay on the streets they all try tofind an area the gives them some sort of protection.

Till this day people stillface homelessness. The main area that struggles with homelessness is America.Being displaced is a problem because it has an effect on the homeless themselveswhich in turn has an impact on society.

First of all, according to the charityHomeless Link, being homeless causes isolation and depression. Depression makespeople more likely to do drugs and alcohol which is why not all but manyhomeless people use drugs or alcohol. Due to these health problems, beinghomeless has a larger effect on the public. For instance, four out of tenhomeless people have used an accident or emergency service in the last sixmonths. Two main reasons why homelessness is a problem are because it has an effecton the outcast. Secondly it has an effect on humankind. The first reason is ithas an impact on the vagrant. Homeless people are more likely to become victimsof crime.

Homeless people are more likely to have health problems. They aremore likely to encounter problems compared to an average class person walkingaround the streets. It’s difficult for homeless people to find a job. It’sdifficult for homeless people to provide stable environments for their families.All these problems are very serious for the homeless themselves. Homelessnessalso has a burden on society.


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