Haveyou ever wondered how the nwba was started? The nwba started on April 24, 1996,when the women’s basketball announced that they had next. They started becauseof all the doubt they were getting from the men off the nba and other menaround them. The men jugged them because they thought they were better than thewomen.            Thetruth is that all team players go through the same thing. All team players gothrough struggle.

The only thing that is different is that the women will admitthat they are struggling or that they have done something wrong. Not all womendo it but most of them do. While men on the other hand they will not admit thatthey have done something wrong or they that they messed up.            Thenwba had sometimes when they really did struggle, but they made it through allof those struggles. These are some the strongest and athletic women I have everheard of I my life. These women do what they can to make it through lifeplaying in the national women’s basketball association. They dedicate theirlives to playing basketball and their families to but playing basketballprovides many things that they need in life.             Playingbasketball provides money, friends, family, and a career for them.

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So the factthat men think they are better than women is the most stupidest thing a mancould say to a woman because men and women are equal in just about everything.The national women’s basketball association has and does everything thenational basketball association does. They have the same time to shoot theball. (their shot clocks are the same)            Theiruniforms are made the same way as any other team played sports. So there shouldbe no reason for the national basketball association to think that they arebetter than the national women’s basketball association.

            Thenational women’s basketball association could actually be better than thenational basketball association. The only two things that are different betweenthem I the fact that the national women’s basketball association has 10minutequarters and the national basketball association has 12minute quarters. Alsothe fact that the national basketball association is all men and the nationalwomen’s basketball association is all women.            Thenational women’s basketball association has played many games but not nearly asmany as the national basketball association. It is just that the nationalbasketball association has been around for a longer time. So they had manytimes to play games.

            Ithink the national women’s basketball association is a good way for women toprove they can play just as well as the national basketball association can.Also I think they have proven that they can play just like the nationalbasketball association.            Thenational women’s basketball association is a good way for women to feel likethey can do what ever they put their minds to it. I just think that the nationwomen’s basketball association will go very far in life and will prove thenational basketball association that can be better than them.            Thenational women’s basketball association has gone through a lot to get to wherethey are at this point. They do what they have to do to get the job done andthey don’t really judge people unless it is during a game because that is howall team played sport have the players play the game. As I was saying thenational women’s basketball association is a wonderful and amazing group ofwomen I would love to see play and I would like to see them prove to thenational basketball association that they are just like them or that they canbe better then them.The national women’sbasketball association has come a long way to become an amazing group ofwonderful and smart women who could beat the national basketball associationany day they wanted to.

I know the national women’s basketball association canmake it in life.            I believe that the national women’s basketballassociation Cn be the next big thing that happened. Do you ever wonder who wasthe first player on the national women’s basketball association team? Well Ihave the answer to that question, he first ever national women’s basketballassociation player was Sherly Swoops. She was signed in 1997. Sherly Swoops also was the first nationalwomen’s basketball association player to have a shoe name after her. The shoename was Nike’s Air Swoops. When the national women’s basketball associationhad their first season they had eight teams playing. Their first game tookplace on June 21, 1997 between New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks.

The NewYork Liberty won that game and the score was 67-57.            In the first season the national women’s basketballassociation gained more than one million fans and that is a big fan base. Thenational women’s basketball association’s basketball is only 28.5 inches whichis one inch smaller than then national basketball association’s.            The first mvp for the national women’s basketballassociation was Cynthia Cooper, the guard foe the Houston Comets in 1997.  July 30, 2002, Lisa Leslie was the first womenoff the national women’s basketball association to dunk the ball.            These women are unknown out side of these games.

Why isthat? This is because the women only play over the summer and after the summeris over some go over seas to compete with Russian teams. These Russian teamsgive them a million reason on why not to play.            These women o the national women’s basketball associationdo get less attention and they get paid far less than the men on the nationalbasketball association. This is all because of marketing. They need themarketing to match their products.When it all comes down toit is not about the products, the looks of the players, the cut of the uniform,the skills they have, or about what the men want. It is about women viewership,pure and simple. Without the national basketball association, the nationalwomen’s basketball association would be defunct right now.

It’s ironic that thenational women’s basketball association, a female centered league andorganization, is hurting because of the lack of interest from its own gender.In order to truly stand on its own two feet, earn the respect its players sodeeply deserve, and separate itself from the national basketball association,the national women’s basketball association needs women to step up. Withoutwomen there is no national women’ basketball association.While the nationalbasketball association players are paid about 50 present of the league revenuethe national women’s basketball association players are paid about 33 presentof the leagues revenue.

Diana Taurasi played oneseason and got paid the national women’s basketball association’s salary of$107,500. While Dionte Christmas played for 198 minutes and he got paid$490,180 for those few minutes he played.            The women get paid 78 cents for every dollar the men arepaid or the same job or thing they are doing.

The women of the national women’sbasketball association get to keep what they make for tickets sold.            They sell the tickets for $15 and they had 204 total homegames and it seems like they’ve increased a total of 2014 gate revenue in thenational women’s basketball association figures to be at least $23.2 million.            So if we ignore revenue from all other sources such asmerchandise, sponsorships, and playoff ticket sales. We assume average ticketprices have not changed in four years, we can say that league revenue in thenational women’s basketball association is at least $35 million.

            There are two meanings to nwba. One is national women’sbasketball association and the other is national wheelchair basketballassociation. The second meaning is so disabled players can have a chance toplay. They get all the same treatment as any player would. They are nodifferent than any other player of any team played sport.The national women’sbasketball association is a women’s professional basketball league in NorthAmerica. It currently is composed of 12 teams.

As I told you in the beginningthe national women’s basketball association is the same as the national basketballassociation. The only thing that really is different is who they are.            Theyare all classified as humans, ballers , team mates, friends, and family.

Theyhelp others get through the game and get to where they are right now. When uthink about it these are some of the best women you will ever hear of.             Theydid what they had to do even though they were being doubted and even though didnot have a lot of support to do this. They still did and it is very impressingto see all these females start from nothing and go all the way to somethingamazing. They don’t pay attention to what other people want and they believe intheirselfs.



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