Have you heard of the amazing aronia berry?These berries grow on hardy little bushes, and they’re a superfood packed full of nutritional goodness.Today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about aronia berries – right from the start. What Is It?Despite its name, the aronia berry is not actually a berry at all.

It is a pome, more closely related to apples than any berries. The berries are pretty tiny, perhaps a 1/2 inch in width at most. The berries begin to develop as small, hard, green nubs, before becoming black and shiny when ripe.They grow in small and dense clusters while on the shrub, which you may recognize when you see it. It’s not an uncommon plant.They contain a small, hard stone, and can be prepared for eating in a number of ways.It’s also known as the chokeberry or chokecherry, which we think is a lot less appetizing as a name! Origin of The Aronia BerryThe aronia plant is native to North America. Native Americans historically prepared these berries by mashing them into a pulp.

They’d then create jellies or syrups with the pulp – or shaped into cakes, dried and stored for winter.Roots and bark were prepared as medicines or teas, and bark was sometimes even smoked.It seems like everybody in North America forgot about the aronia berry for a long time though. Oddly enough, during the 19th Century, Eastern Europe discovered the berry and it quickly became popular there.The bushes are still quite easy to find in the Americas though. They tend to be found more easily in mountainous areas. But the bushes do well in a number of habitats, from bogs and swamps to rocky terrain, and cliffsides.

The Health Benefits of Aronia BerriesThe antioxidant levels contained within these special berries is incredibly high.You might have heard of anthocyanins and proanthocyanins when reading about other superfruits. Well, aronia berries beat other fruits and berries hands down when it comes to their levels of these important compounds.

They help to fight and protect against a range of health issues. This includes enhancing heart health by reducing cholesterol levels, and fighting obesity by keeping weight off.There are even suggestions that increasing your intake of these compounds could help to stave off the development of cancer.The berries are extremely low in fat, and contain a good balance of vital nutrients and fiber.High on the list are vitamins A, C and K, and the berries are a decent source of iron too. There’s a smattering of other minerals and vitamins to top it all off.

Wow – all that good stuff from these tiny little berries!Learn More About AroniaThe aronia is a fascinating plant, with a really interesting history.┬áBut how should you consume it today, and how can you make the most of its benefits as part of your wellness regime?Learn more about uses and benefits of the aronia berry on our blog.


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