Have you ever
wondered how to get the most out of an online promotion? Did you feel like it
doesn’t bring you desired results despite of how much you commit? Well, here
are 5 surprising facts on how Facebook advertising can actually grow your sales
in times!

1.     Get
the perfect audience insights

number 1 social media platform has the biggest user base online with a
tremendous amount of active accounts. More than 2 billion people spend a great
deal of their time on Facebook with about 1 billion visiting the platform daily.
Despite this huge figure Facebook offers you vivid audience insights to help
your ad reach the right audience. Get to know their likes and dislikes,
lifestyles and even purchasing behavior before putting your budget on the

2.     Facebook
plays a leading role in buying decisions

than 70% of users rely on social media to guide their purchase decisions because
it has “social proof” on its side. Positive social sharing drives consumer
buying. Once you’ve launched you promotional campaign and started gathering
likes and comments, a virtuous circle of sharing and purchasing begins to work
on you.

3.     Get
the lasting fans instead of passers by

your goods or services via Facebook engages the audience to like your business
page and interact with it further. It means you convert potential buyers into
the long lasting fans, who will get timely update of your future ads. Facebook
boosts visibility for around 50 last pages a person interacted with. So use Facebook
advertising to get into people’s news feed!

4.     Reach
the same audience for the lower price

advertising is one of the cheapest forms of promotion. You can easily spend 5$
and reach 1000 people. At the same time traditional media channels like direct
mail, broadcast TV and newspapers require more than 20$ for the same results.

5.     Catch
your website visitors and email subscribers with Facebook remarketing

struggle to get their most qualified audiences with their ads. Yet, Facebook
has a special tool, called pixel. It can be placed onto specific pages of your
website to target people who visit those pages with Facebook ads. A person
would see your ad even if he/she haven’t liked your page yet!

this secret weapon to reach your existing customers and expect to boost the
ratio of clicks in more than 60%!

Choose Facebook advertising if you want to raise your
brand awareness, reach to a desired audiences and increase revenue, sales and
leads. Let your potential buyers learn more about your products and services and
ultimately update them about the news. It’s never been cheaper to exposure traffic
for your business, create loyal customers, and generate sales. So, run a
Facebook promo campaign and it would pay you off with 3,5 times higher audience


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