Have you ever felt a little regret when buying a new car? Maybe because it’s not as comfortable as you imagine, or some of the imperfections you just met? Take it easy, you’re not alone, really.1. Car tires widerThe first thing you should do if you feel the car is less stable is to replace the wheels and your tires. Modification of wheels and tires become wider it is often done, and may seem like a style-style only.But, by sprinkling the tires and changing the size of the tires with a wider, it can help your car drive steadily.

Control of the steering wheel becomes safer, let alone create a small car on the highway!Generally, when the car makes a sharp turn it will certainly feel a little rocking and lifted. After you change the size of the tire, the wheels will travel more regularly.2. Replace the audio systemNot all cars are packed with a good audio system. Most default audio systems provided in cars are of only high quality.

This must be very disturbing to the comfort of your ears of music admirers.If you are very concerned about the look and quality of the audio system, you can try to replace the double DIN radio. most of double DIN radio will provide LCD or LED display that you can use for many things.3. Replace shock breakerIn addition to the stability issue, the comfort of the car is also determined from the shocks while driving on hollow roads.The way the shock breaker works is to rely on the one that sustains the weight of the car while it’s shaking to protect the interior and engine parts.

When the car continues through the damaged road, shock breaker resistance will decrease especially if you only use the standard shock breaker provided when buying a car.To avoid this, you better try to look for a brand of famous shock breaker for guaranteed quality. Also understand the types of shock breakers before you modify the car in this section.4. Modification of car seatThis is the last thing you should never forget if you want to make the driving experience more comfortable.

Car seats that you think most you can also modify.Material from the car seat can be replaced as desired. If you are too lazy to replace the material seat, you simply buy a sarong for your car seat.Make sure the look of your car seat matches the theme you make for the interior of your car.

This will help you to be more comfortable in the car and bring the car not only safer, but also will not make the eyes hurt due to the choice of car seat that does not fit.Well, with five simple car modification tips above, you do not need to grumble because driving a car feels uncomfortable.To modify the interior, simply specify the theme of the car you want to use. Then just pick the appropriate item.

Believe me, car modifications you can do without spending exorbitant capital. Especially if you are looking for products on the interntet. Peek around the collection, and treat yourself when you bring a car.


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