Have you ever thought about how a woman’s life must have been during the early 20th century? Women during this time period were treated unfairly and ruthlessly. They had a very stereotypical role in British society. If married they would stay at home to look after the children however they were very few women who didn’t get married and would work as different types of domestic household.

For decades women’s progress in British society was haunted by Queen Victoria “Let women be what God intended a helpmate for man but with totally different duties and vocation” these misleading words would lead men in power and would treat them ruthlessly. By 1900 women had been granted some improvements to their lifestyle via the law court, women could not be forced to live with a man as they were all reliant on them for a source of money. However, women did live in miserable marriages.In 1903 the Women’s Social and Political Union was founded by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia. They soon became what we know as the Suffragette.

The word itself “suffrage” means the right to vote and that’s what the women wanted, this movement was spread not only in Europe globally. During 1910 many women rebelled against marriages (even against men). Others were reforming education. The militant movement was physically fighting for the vote.  However, in 1918 the government allowed women over 30 to vote. After World War II women’s opportunities in higher education and employment relatively quickly.

The modern concept of women’s equalities as feminism appeared in 1960 led by activist such as Betty Friedan.In conclusion women during the 20th century have gone through many horror, barbarity and brutal experience just to achieve 9equal rights for women and to prove men wrong that women can be as good or better than men. The ingenuity and daring of the suffragettes exploded gender stereotypes. The bravery of the suffragettes won them admiration, not only from women but from men too.


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