Have you ever thought about the chemicals that shampoos are really made of that makes your hair smell really good? I chose this experiment because I’m interested in chemistry and my hobby is experimenting with chemicals. In my experiment I will be testing out store bought shampoo and self-made shampoos to find out which one removes the most grease from your hair. The formula for making shampoo including the ingredients is called a formulation. Many people would recommend using organic and natural shampoos to wash their hair because it has a clean and herbal scent to them which gives a lot of nutrients to your hair and they tend to have less harmful chemicals. Natural shampoo is environmentally-friendly which contain biodegradable materials rather than harsh chemicals. It contains less sulfites, which is the chemical that foams up your hair and irritates the skin which causes dandruff. I will be using pH test strips, which are pieces of paper that change color depending on the pH which is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration. The research question for this project is:”How will the different types of shampoo affect the amount of grease that is in your hair?” The reasons that people use shampoo are for one most important reason which is to clean the dirt and grease from your hair and making it smell good and fresh. Another way to express this is that people use shampoo to remove the unwanted build-up in the hair without stripping out so much sebum as to make hair unmanageable. You wanna avoid sulfates because it is a sort of detergent, which will easily strip your kinks and curls of their natural moisture, drying your hair and creating frizz.This is commonly asked but all that is in your shampoo are varieties of chemicals to create the effect that shampoos have on your hair. The many ingredients in the shampoo that you use are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a cleansing helper and chemical that makes your hair foam up. Dimethicone, Panthenol, is a silicone-based polymer that gives your hair a velvety slip. Citric Acid is an inexpensive high effective ingredient to adjust the pH, Parabens are preservatives used to prevent bacteria from growing in the product, Zinc Pyrithione slows the production of skin cells which prevents less dandruff, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a mild cleansing agent with conditioning properties that cleanses and softens your hair.The most important properties for a shampoo are surfactants, essential oils, vitamins, sebum, additives, fragrances, and preservatives. To test these the ingredient the scalp sebum test area changes color when it reacts with the oil on the surface of the scalp. The essentials for the shampoo are the properties that are most important to the shampoo, so that the producers could sell their brand of shampoo. My hypothesis for this experiment is “The more organic materials in a shampoo bottle will decrease the amount of oil and dirt in your hair.” In order to test out your hypothesis first make your homemade shampoo, which is a liquid preparation containing detergent or soap for washing the hair, and testing it out on a piece of yarn to see if the yarn drys up or creates a large amount of residue. Then taking the store-bought shampoo and following the same instructions. Your hair tends to get greasy because it accumulates an oily substance called  sebum, that is a sebaceous gland made by your body to moisturize your scalp and protect your hair from drying out. It’s not good to have a lot of sebum in your hair because it causes your hair to look oily. If there are too much surfactant molecules, they form a micelle structure, which traps the grease and oil in the middle. The tests that commercial companies include are toxicology assessments, impurity investigations, product reverse engineering and replication, competitor product analysis, and more. They also test and formulate that contain active medicated ingredients for cosmetics such as makeup, shampoo, lotion, body cream and others.


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