Is reading hardcopies such as physical books better than reading soft copies such as electronic materials? Reading experiences enable one to acquire, present or share knowledge in a dignifying and reverential manner, but the chosen reading sources or style provides the counters measures and effects that one must face during the procedure. The source of information plays a substantial role because it encourages either sharing of knowledge or gaining of experiences, therefore deciding on nurturing a particular practice is important. It is imperative to note that different people prefer different ways of reading as a style of acquiring knowledge.

You can ether have a preference of the electronic sources such as the iPods, phones, computers or choose the physical sources such as the newspapers, magazines, books or journals. Personal values or experiences do not oppress or devalue the content of a reading, as long as one has stratagem of handling either of the source. It is important to note and understand that different people will have different taste or view over a particular style of reading, thus the difference of opinions and experiences.

Reading from the electronic sources presents a variety of options due to diversity and multiplicity over manipulation. There is a wide and well-balanced pool of knowledge or experiences created by electronic materials. Whole spectrum of information on electronic sources provides the chance to focus on diversity, thus enhance knowledge acquisition techniques that caters for role level of performance, significance and experience. Availability of reading materials electronically provides the opportunity to gain knowledge of anything at any given time and therefore it shows that, it is possible to learn during tough times.

Take an example of the personal digital assistants (PDAs), such as the notebooks, palmtops and the technologically advanced mobile phones that are enabling people to access the internet and find diverse information at any time and place. People have always had the thought that learning would occur best during the times of calm and easy flow of reading. This has not been the case historically, but in most current instances, it is not a requirement to visit physical libraries to access reading materials. The ability to have an electronic library in a machine enables one to find the peaceful or calm studying conditions. The questions readers have to ask themselves in their aim of achieving success regards need to find necessary information.

The other important domain involves the daily work situations; where professional have to reference information during performances. There is need of reading abilities during work, thus need for reliable sources. Access of electronic materials that breeds attention to details and moderation during work enhances performance.

Does the system one choose hinder procedures due to inaccessibility, time or location limits? Current technology allows people to have small-automated gadgets such as the PDA that allow storage of information or data in large volumes. It is easy to carry along the gadgets from a location to another. The issues of bulkiness also is done away with since majority of the current electronic technology such as flash disks, external hard disks, memory cards and laptops allows storage of massive information. Today it is possible to have the electronic versions of the physical reading materials such as the encyclopaedias, dictionaries or bibles, which are easy to access at any time or location as opposed to carrying the huge hardcopies. As much as people would opt for the electronic sources, they have various delimitations and side effects to the user. To begin with, one may not be able to access information due to experienced technical problems such as machine breakdowns, program crashing and network-related problems.

Secondly, lack of power due to inaccessibility of power sources may affect the access to the stored information. Thirdly, access to soft copies can cause health-related problems, for instance long-term use of the electronic sources causes fatigue related conditions. A good example is the effects on vision due to electronic glares emitted by some of the electronic devices.

People are today addicted to the electronic sources and thus tend to spend more time on them. This causes some negative effects on the social life. Argumentatively, it is not the amount of resources that matters, but the procedure of utilizing what is available.

It is evident that the leaders realize the importance of a source through analysis if content. Physically presented materials have assurance for content. Hardcopies are not like any other blog-page or suggested idea that one will meet during content review. Most of the books are certified academic sources, which ensure utilization of crucial information through consideration of priorities. The hardcopies have high-levelled content to cater for students’ success. The physically published materials are thus professionally researched materials in most cases. The possible malicious electronic attacks such as information theft spread of harmful programs make the electronic systems unsafe and inadequate. The learning environment should be safe, healthy and, supportive for those involved.

The hardcopies are more reliable. It is possible to move from one location to another without worrying about the electricity needs. One is able to move from a location to another for longer periods even when it is to remote areas, since hardcopies do not require power to access. Health wise, hardcopies are safer to use for the reason that they do not emit electromagnetic rays, which are harmful to the user especially affecting vision.


Knowledge is power to gain experience, creativity, support, participation, lasting results and eventually long-term cooperation.

Ability to choose between either soft copies or hard copies depends on one’s capability to cater for the delimitations of ether in the aim of maximizing on the benefits. In comparison of the two, they all suffer from harsh weather conditions such as flooding. There is need to provide proper care for both cases. Malicious electronically related attacks mainly affect the electronic sources while the hard copies easily suffer from physical damages such as miss handling. For one to choose the write source of reading between soft and hard copies, it is important to consider the ability to deduce meaning accurately. The evaluation of accuracy in reading depends on capability to make sense of words in a manuscript.

Reading accuracy is consequently the automatic process of interpretation and integration of appropriate expressions or phrases during the reading process with a minimal use of required resources in the aim of communicating meaning in a text. Both soft and hard copies have capability to facilitate proper definition for understanding fluency portrays the concept of learning to decode words accurately for the need to succeed in reading text, as a perspective for garnering profundity. Accuracy in decoding words is important, but the main aim ought to be ensuring that the words undergo automatic decoding with less effort during the reading process.

This effort depends with the source that one decides to choose.


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