Half a loaf is always betterthan no bread. Life is all about experiences that makes it worth living. Ourdesires in life are endless. To achieve our goals in life we have to choose apath.

The path would consist of numerous of obstacles that has to be faced bythe individual. To achieve something in life, sometimes we have to do anything.This anything is a ladder that has to be climbed to achieve your goals. Eachladder once climbed helps us in gaining and successfully bring out to meet ourdesires and add on to our achievements. No one in the entire world has becomesuccessful by walking on a flat path. Every successful individual had a longjourney make one’s way.

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This journey is always full of ladders. The beauty ofeach ladder is the competence with experiences. We gain a lot in life with ourexperiences. Nothing in the world is created that would not contribute inenhancing our skills or would become a wasteful experience in life. There comesa time when we feel like giving up and capitulate. This is the phase from wherewe have to escape and take a step.

During this unplanned journey, we possess somuch of experiences along with intellectual skills that are so considerate inour life. There comes a time when things don’t accurately fall at our place andwe try to escape. The dilemma in our mind from getting hopeless to creating adesire to do something in life is experienced by many. But as we always say,there is a right time for everything. We should always have the foremost aim tograb opportunities and turn the pages. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’tchange you.

To attain the position of manager in a company, one always startswith a trainee. In the entire process, individual learns about different roles.Life is a journey and not a destination. This journey of a thousand miles hasto be begin with a single step. A man with a bicycle wishes to purchase ascooter, a man with a scooter wishes to have car, a car person wishes to have ahelicopter but a person with no feet only wish to walk.

We should always begratified with what we have because there are so many people who actually havenothing but we do have something that makes our life joyful. In thismaterialistic world, we wish to have everything but we should always rememberthat something is better than nothing. 


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