Guilty or Innocent?Approximately 2 millionof the US’ population is behind bars and it has been estimated that at least2-5 percent of the prisoners are innocent.

That is more than 20000 citizensthat have been punished for crimes they did not commit. Adnan Sayed is one of thosepeople. Adnan was charged for the murder of Hae Min Lee, his ex-girlfriend whowent missing on January 13, 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland. A month later, herbody was found and Adnan was arrested. Although he says he is innocent, he issaid to be guilty and still remains in jail today because of Jay, a friend andmain witness in the case, and his testimony about helping Adnan bury Hae’s body.

Adnan still claims he is innocent and some believe him but some do not. Withthe help of Serial, a podcast hostedby Sarah Koenig, her investigation skills and research has helped the audiencerealize clues that the jury or the public never came up with. Clues that proveAdnan’s innocence such as Jay’s inconsistencies in his stories, character andlack of evidence, and new alibis that were never introduced in trial. Based onall of the new evidence that was found by Koenig and her staff, Adnan cannot bethe killer and should be exonerated.To start with, Jay’sstories have many inconsistencies in them that do not match up. There are manydifferences between Jay’s first interview and his second interview which issimilar to his story at the second trial. Some information was also left outbetween the two interviews. Jay’s first interview was very broad, general andhe does not go into much detail.

In his second interview, he goes into muchmore detail but some of the things change. For example, one of the changesbetween his first and second interview include the mall they went to duringlunch. In Jay’s first interview he states they went to Westview mall while inthe second interview he states they go to Security Square mall. Another changebetween his first and second interview is the destination where Jay picks upAdnan after Hae is supposedly strangled and killed. First, Jay says he meetsAdnan at the “strip” off of Edmondson Ave. but afterwards he says he meetsAdnan at the Best Buy parking lot.

Jay also does not mention going to Cathy’shouse in his first interview but mentions Cathy in his second interview.Another big problem is Jay’s story is the amount of times he said he went toCathy’s house. Jay states he goes to Cathy’s house three times, first byhimself after he drops Adnan off at track, second with Adnan after track, andlast Jenn at the end of the night.

The only thing wrong with his statement isCathy’s story. Cathy only remembers seeing Jay with Adnan and then Jenn,meaning she never saw him alone. This presents a red flag. This shows that Jaycould be lying about many other things like helping Adnan and Adnan could beinnocent.

In addition, Jay’s story about driving all the way to Patapsco StatePark and then driving Adnan back to school for track practice on time isimpossible. Adnan’s track coach, Michael Sye testifies that track practisestarts at 4pm and finishes at around 5:30pm or 6pm. In Jay’s second interview,he states that him and Adnan drive up to Patapsco State Park at approximately4:30pm then come back to school to drop Adnan off at track. When Koenig and herproducer, Dana Chivvis retrace Jay and Adnan’s footsteps, they get back toschool around 4:45pm, generously. Adnan would still have to change which stillmeans he would be very late to track which does not make him look good. Inrelation to Jay’s inconsistencies between his interviews, Jay does not mentiongoing to Patapsco State Park at the second trial.

Why would Jay go through allthe trouble about mentioning the park if he was not going to mention it attrial? This shows Jay cannot be trusted and Adnan is innocent because Jay’sstories are all over the place and do not even make sense. To summarize, basedon Jay’s inconsistencies and dishonesty, Adnan cannot be the Hae’s killer.On the other hand, notonly is Adnan innocent due to Jay’s inconsistencies, but also because of thelack of evidence shown and his character. As most people know, Jay states thathe helps Adnan bury Hae at Leakin Park around 7pm. After the two bury the body,they drive Hae’s car around for a while and then park it at the I-70 park andride.

If Jay’s story is real, then there should have been a little bit of soilfrom Adnan’s shoes in the car, yet there was no soil from Leakin Park in thecar when it was tested by the Baltimore Police Crime Lab. This proves thatAdnan is either telling the truth about where he was that day or that he isvery good at removing every piece of dirt from his boots before entering thecar. This was never mentioned at trial and if Adnan is telling truth and nevergot into Hae’s car that day, then once again, Jay’s story has another flaw init which proves Adnan is innocent. Furthermore, Adnan’s nonchalant attitudemakes him look innocent.

Many people would disagree and say that people who arecalmer and do not give enough information are lying. In many situations, peoplewho tell the truth do not give lengthy explanations when asked a question. Theytry to stay calm because they have nothing to hide.

In Adnan’s case, he simplyremembers the day as a normal day, except for the fact that Hae goes missing.His story stays the same and he keeps the same attitude throughout histestimonies. To sum up, the lack of evidence and Adnan’s calm attitudedemonstrates that he is innocent. Lastly, there are manyalibis that help prove Adnan’s innocence. Firstly, there is Summer, who says itis impossible for Hae to be dead at 2:36. Summer was a friend of Hae’s andhelped her manage the boy’s wrestling team. Summer remembers talking to Haeafter school the day before she went missing because there was a wrestlingmatch that day.

Summer was loading equipment onto the bus when Hae came to herand told her she could not go on the bus with her because she had to pick hercousin up from school, but would meet her there. Summer also states that herand Hae had talked around 2:30-2:45 after school around the gym area for about10 minutes. This is the same time Jay states that Adnan had called to pick himup from the Best Buy parking lot and killed Hae. Summer’s story proves thatAdnan is innocent because Summer was with Hae around the time Hae wassupposedly murdered. Most importantly, there is Asia. Asia was a classmate ofAdnan’s who remembers seeing Adnan at the Woodlawn Public Library after schoolat the time the murder supposedly took place. She states that she got out ofschool a few hours before 2:15 that day and went to the library to wait for herboyfriend, Derek, to pick her up. After school, Adnan comes into the libraryand sits at the table she was at.

The two talked about the break up and otherthings until around 2:35pm when Derek and a friend shows up and startsquestioning Adnan and why he is talking to Asia. Asia then leaves with Derekand his friend around 2:40pm. Asia and Summer’s stories both prove that Adnanis innocent because Hae and Adnan were in two different places with twodifferent people at the time Hae was supposedly murdered. This shows beyond areasonable doubt that Adnan is innocent.In conclusion, based onall the evidence that has been found by Serial, Adnan should not have beenconvicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee. There is not enough evidence againstAdnan to put him in jail.

Jay’s inconsistencies, the lack of evidence and Adnan’scharacter, and the alibis are clues that help indicate Adnan is not a murderer.The state has not been able to provide viable evidence against Adnan andtherefore he should be exonerated. There are many innocent people that havebeen behind bars for crimes they have not committed. Wrongful conviction is aproblem that the justice system faces and that needs to be solved


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