Growing up and seeingmovies with virtual reality technology in them, I was always fascinated by theidea of being able to go into any environment that you could think of andescape from reality just seems really cool. Virtual reality might have first started off with being used primarilyas video games and entertainment but it has progressed so much further thanbeing used just for entertainment purposes. One of the first things that I saw virtual reality being used was inStar Trek with their holodecks and in one of the episodes the doctor had usedthe holodeck to run simulations on a holographic version of their patient inorder to try and save their life, since it was something they hadn’t dealt withbefore they wanted to try the procedure on a hologram first before they triedit on the actual patient.  Having thattype of technology available in our medical industry would potentially savecountless lives, if doctors were able to train in a real life simulation witheverything that goes on during a real surgery but with out risking somebody’slife, doctors would be better prepared for when things go bad during asurgery.

  With having something likevirtual reality available to med students, you could recreate what their firstfew months of working in a hospital would be like with out the risk of one ofthem screwing up from lack of sleep or just the stress of having somebodieslife in your hand and killing somebody, they also would get better training onhow to do simple procedures with out the extra cost that comes from doing labssince all they would have to do is load up a program and go from there.  Introducing virtual reality into the militaryis great idea.  Virtual reality in aschool environment is a great idea, as somebody who as always done better withlearning from a hands-on experience rather than just sitting in a class andlistening to a teacher talk the whole class period, students like myself wouldprobably benefit from virtual reality technology.  Having virtual reality would also be saferfor students, with chemistry classes you learn about different chemicals andhow they react with each other and sometimes those reactions can be explosiveand cause harm to students or even the chemicals themselves if not handledproperly could cause harm.  Studentscould learn about chemicals in a safe environment and still have the experienceof seeing the chemicals reacting with each other.  What once started out as something toentertain us, has grown into a great learning tool with countlessapplications.

  The only limitations isthe technology hasn’t caught up to what people want to use it for, someday wewill be able to interact with virtual environments the same way we interactwith real world environments and as somebody who is fascinated by virtualreality technology can’t wait to see what the future brings us.


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