Granite countertops are among the most beautiful kind of countertops that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom hugely. As granite countertops are also among the strong countertops, they can last for decades with zero maintenance.

With a proper maintenance and cleaning, granite countertops will look all good for years.Granite is a natural stone that was formed by cooling down of molten magma. This rough stone can give a glossy look after manufacturing granite countertops and polishing them. Since granite comprises of many different mineral, they give it a unique appearance.  The variations in colors make it available in numerous designs. When you come to a countertops store for granite countertops, you can find several options for you distinguishing each others from colors, shades and veins.’Creative Countertops’ has always been among the most reliable options for granite countertops in New Jersey.

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  Based at Kenilworth in Union County, we have a collection of some of the most beautiful granite countertops. These beautiful granite countertops have the ability to enhance the appearance of your baths and kitchens hugely. These are also the favorites of people who want natural friendly countertops. With their excellent strength and durability, they can remain unscratched for years which make granite an economical choice when looked at long-term. They resist scratches and damages from heat.

They are also stain resistance which means they are easier to maintain and clean.Our service:Providing granite countertopsCustom granite countertopsInstallation of granite countertopsGranite countertops repair and maintenanceWe have granite countertops of different grades available. Increase in grading increases the price of granite countertops.

You can also look at our quartz and marble countertops sections to compare them with our granite countertops. Besides countertops, we also provide other supplies like fasteners, braces, grout and sealer.Contact us for any kind of service regarding granite countertops in New Jersey.


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