Graduate StudiesEdward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of TorontoDear Admissions Committee,It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Josue Tovar for matriculation into the Electrical & Computer Engineering’s Graduate program at the University of Toronto. I have had the privilege to know and work with Josue for the last six years. He first worked with me as a Services Professional in the Customer Network Support organization. The same skills that led me to hire him away from Ericsson’s branch in Venezuela are also the reasons why I want to provide him with an unqualified endorsement for graduate study.Josue brings to all of his activities energy, expertise, expertise, and responsibility. These qualities are to be expected from any successful member of a global organization, and in this regard, Josue is a leader. Be it in the troubleshooting of complex failures in an LTE packet-core nation-wide network, the crafting of a method of procedure, or the establishment of best service delivery practices for new solutions, Josue consistently delivers high-quality support services for our customers. This bespeaks his overall intellect and ability to learn as well, attributes that will serve him well in his graduate education.Josue quickly established himself as a go-to person in the core network domain. He is always willing to work with other teams of our organization to share his knowledge and expertise, most notably as a customer support expert for our mobile packet-core and IMS portfolio. He has a profound spirit of helpfulness that, combined with his quick grasp of complex solutions, speaks well to his potential as Subject Matter Expert.What I find most interesting in Josue’s character are his wide-ranging interests outside of the telecommunications world. Two of his genuine interests are politics and science. He can be quickly engaged in a passionate debate, for instance, of the pros and cons of immigration policies, or the optimal approach to assuage employees’ fears towards the automation of the processes. Josue’s broad range of knowledge about the industry speaks well to his potential as a candidate to your Master program, both in bringing a wide range of experience to the class at hand, as well as carrying forward new ideas of interest to the program.Josue is a valued collaborator at Ericsson. We have learned that we can rely on him, regardless of the difficulty of the task to handle or the complexity of the challenge. His combination of intelligence, perseverance, and creativity has been invaluable to our organization and will undoubtedly make him a successful student of your Master of Engineering program.I encourage you to look favorably on his application.


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