Good morning everyone.
We know that through the year online games has grown to the point where
millions of people all over the world are playing games together. Online games
have become extremely popular in recent years. These online games are very
popular especially among the college students. Based on my research, most of
the university students stated that they play the online games for many hours
but just a small percentage of them said they play the online games during
their leisure. However , I strongly believe that playing online games give bad
impacts to students lifestyle. There are some reasons to support my belief.
Playing online games will lead to poor academic performance and bad health.

            First and foremost, playing online games will give bad
impact to the academic performance. Long hours in playing online games affect
the academic as they failed to manage time between playing games and studying.
They will not be able to pay full attention for the academic because they
constantly thinking about their online games. This is because according to
their thinking the online games are more attractive than the subjects at the
college. They will choose online games rather than studying during their
leisure times. 1% of the
respondents in the Freshman Survey stated that they play the online games over
20 hours and almost 35% of them admitted playing online games about one hour in
a week. These situation will make them do
not have enough time to finish all the assignments. They also do not have much
time to do revision for their upcoming test. Students that addicted to the
online games may suffer at the end of the semester.

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            Next , it is dangerous
for the students health. The students who are addicted to the online games will
spend most their times by playing online games. They will skip the meals or
lose sleep that will negatively impact their health. The addiction to the
online games can also cause suffering from obesity. In 1990, Yuma et al conducted an intensive study
in 9 cities of Japan about the  games
played by children and adolescents and its relationship with their physical
health. The results showed that obese students were more attracted to computer
games. In addition, playing online games can lead
to some medical issues such as backaches, headaches, ayestrain and carpal
tunnel syndrome pain and numbness that they might feel in their waist, hand,
shoulder and elbow.

closing, I hope I have shown you why online games gives bad impacts to the
students lifestyle. As you heard today, playing online games will lead to poor
academic performance and bad health. Online games are very popular
entertainment to the students  But the truth is
that video games actually have many more bads than goods.



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