Good morning to our
lecturer and friends. Predominantly, society in Malaysia are not aware that
there are 1.8-2 million of registered foreign workers and 1 million of unregistered.
Not surprisingly one of the most critical issue faced by Malaysia is the
presence of foreign workers. I feel strongly that existence of foreign workers
in Malaysia induced to negative impacts. There are three reasons to support my
opinion. According to a researcher he has stated that foreign workers in
Malaysia giving impact in terms of social, economic and health factors.

In the term of economic
factor, the level of unemployment become higher because of the presence of
foreign workers in Malaysia. This is because they take away our jobs.
Consequently, the unemployment issue leads to the increase in level of poverty.
On the other hand, foreign workers also effects the economic growth of our
country. As we know the economic growth shows the countries sources
utilization. In addition, we could say that foreign labours given priorities
over local workers. For instance, foreign workers are paid cheaper than local
to save the operating costs so as result the industry hiring for foreign
workers is high. According to the context of national economy the more the cash
flow of RM the lower the currency of Ringgit Malaysia. This is why I felt that foreign
labours are giving negative impact to our country.

Furthermore, the influx of
foreign workers effects the health of Malaysians. According to Assistant
Minister of Public Health Datuk Dr Jerip Susil, he has stated that the
foreigners spread disease such as syphilis, HIV, AIDS, malaria, cancer, and
Hepatitis b as well as leprosy. These diseases most probably infect to those
who mingle with foreigners. Nevertheless, the illegal foreigners who enters to
Malaysia without permit and misses the medical examination directly causes to
the influence of such diseases as I mentioned earlier. For example when foreign
labours who is a carrier of TB disease could influence Malaysians through
communication. Therefore, the presence of foreign workers is to the health of



Next, the presence of
foreign workers also causes to the increment in the rate of criminal activities
or social problems. Aside from seeking jobs in our country, a research stated
that foreigners also come to Malaysia for some other criminal motives. For
example, Malaysians who developed relationships with male foreign migrants. In
this case, certain female Malaysians were attracted by migrants who wear
blue contact lens to look like Indian film actors and causing social problems
in Malaysia.

In conclusion, I hope I
have provided all the reasons on the negative impacts from influx of foreign
workers. At the same time I also would like to say that we cannot deny the
positive contributions of foreign workers to our country but they have been
giving harmful impacts to our health, environment and economic growth. However,
I strongly urge you to not give chance to foreign workers to confiscate our
local jobs. That’s all from, thank you.


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