Good Morning to all ofyou. My name is Ahmad Raza. Thank you for inviting me here. Today I am here infront of you to make you aware ofcleanliness. First of all, what iscleanliness? Cleanliness means the absenceof dirt, dust, bad smells at home, office, road and even your surroundings.

Asyou can see it is a serious issue and needs high social awareness that is theonly reason our Pakistan Government has started a Cleanliness drive, so weshould think about the importance of cleanliness in our daily life as Governmentof Pakistan is appealing for it. 1.We should keep our surrounding clean as various diseases like malaria, dengue,typhoid etc. take place from the waste and dirt we litter around. So, alwaystry to clean your place where you live.2.

Alwaystry to stop people from littering and spitting here and there as it’s ourresponsibility to keep our country clean and cleanliness is directly linked tohealthy life.3.You know people in developed countries never depend on the authorities sweepingas they never spread dirt, if we have to be a developed nation we should beaware of the same as cleanliness is the first step to development.4. Do avoid Plastic bagsand stop other people too while going for shopping. Plastic bags arethe waste which is not properly disposed and causes environmental pollution sowe should carry a jute or paper bag or those type of bags which are easilydisposable.5.

Teach your children and people nearby about the good effects of cleanliness.6.Eliminate open defecation as it is one of the main causes of deaths ofthousands of people every year. So youshould make toilets at your home and convince other people too.7.Cleaning removes harmful microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungus etc.

from the things we store, itkeeps us healthy and away from these harmful diseases.8.Don’t throw anything in rivers like industrial wastes(chemicals) and humanwaste etc. so we have to stop it ourselves and others too to make river dirty.    It is true that we cannot clean the wholecountry in a day or in a year however it will be in our big hand if we stoplittering around public places, it is our responsibility to stop ourselves andothers who are making Pakistan’s public property filthy.


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