GMO’sGenetically modified food is not bad for you. According to Non-GMO Project “A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology.” To make it simple it’s basically a chemical that makes your food bigger and better. They can use it on other objects but I am going to be talking about food particularly.  Most fruits and vegetables are genetically modified and you may think now that they aren’t good for you but most of the things you eat are modified. Main Point 1:Explanation of GMO’sGMO’s help prevent poverty, malnutrition, climate change, and so much more that that. Most if not not all food is genetically modified.According to Fitness Reloaded  “Did you know wild carrots are not actually orange? People modified them. Wild bananas? So full of seeds you cannot actually eat them.” GMO’s use less pesticides. “The adoption of GM insect resistant and herbicide tolerant technology has reduced pesticide spraying by 553 million kg.” They don’t need as much and this research was last updated in 2015 along with many other researches done. The use of greenhouses gases have are now down to the equivalent of 11.9 millions cars being removed from the road for an entire year. It makes sense, they use less land for the same amount of food which means the equipment won’t travel as often which means they will use less fuel. Main Point 2: Reasons to support GMO’sIn the US products must be well tested before they can be put on shelves or sold. The testing of the products can take 7-10 years and must include the potential risk that to humans livestock, and wildlife. GMO’s help reduce worlds poverty. We have enough food in the world to feed everyone in the world. They can’t though because of money. Not everyone can afford it.In third world countries they live day by day just trying to live and we have enough food to feed them because of GMO’s and because of how much we can produce they are able to lower the prices some for them. GMO’s also fight malnutrition with a rice called golden rice. Half a million kids go blind each year because of lack of vitamin A. According to Fitness Reload  “If children in the developing world ate golden rice instead of their conventional rice there would be no children getting blind; there would be no deaths.” GMO’s aren’t bad they just help your children ,help everyone get fed, and better for the climate control there has been no research that says they are bad for you. Main Point 3: History The first GMO approved was in 1982. In 1994 was when they first put GMO’s on the shelf. Before then our ancestors did a thing called “artificial selection” and not knowing it were using GMO’s without injecting them in a lab. “1,700 peer-reviewed studies” have found that it does not affect your body. “The World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, among others, have all concluded that foods containing GM ingredients are as safe as the same foods containing ingredients from crop plants modified by conventional techniques.” This proves that no one is affected by GMO’s in bad ways. No one has proof that GMO’s are bad for you at all. Main Point 4:GMO Foods Foods with GMO’s such as apples and potatoes that don’t bruise or brown. They don’t harm you they just make it to where it is easier to keep fruit in the house for longer periods of time. About 90% of corn and soybeans are grown genetically modified and there is no harm done to the food or people that eat it.  People think if they don’t eat corn, soybeans, cottonseed oil (which these are the top three crops in the US) that’s they aren’t eating genetically modified food but cotton seeds oil  are used in products such as potato chips, margarine, and smoked oysters. Yet again, potatoes and apples are being proven that they can not be bruised and browned and they can prove that they are healthy to eat and people will eat products with potatoes and apples in it that are genetically modified but they won’t buy them whole because they believe they are bad. Before you judge what you won’t buy check what you are eating and using at home or when you go out to eat.  ConclusionGMO’s have been been around for many years and no cases of anyone being injured with GMO’s and people are eating them everyday. People and even you eat them all the time without even knowing it. There is no reason for anyone and with facts behind it for people to say that there are any cons to GMO’s They wouldn’t put something out there if it could hurt anyone on purpose. It has only helped our world and continues to helps it.


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