Gift giving isn’t easy. You never know whether the person you got it for will enjoy it or dislike it. Of course, either way, they are going to act like they like it. Another thing is you can’t tell if the gift you get is returnable after Christmas. I know that a lot of people feel pressured into getting everyone gifts. That can lead to spending money that doesn’t need to be spent. There is a much better answer than to buy a gift. There are so many things that can go wrong. It is hard to give a gift with confidence. I’ve always wanted to be a great gift giver. I can imagine it, people opening a gift from me in all smiles so thankful because they love it so much. Don’t you wish that too? I’ve been surrounded by excellent gift givers all my life and none of them has ever told me the secret. I don’t give gifts in order to receive one in return and would hope people don’t do the same. I personally think a batch of homemade cookies is just as good as an expensive gift card, yet better. For example, let’s say you make someone’s favorite brownies for them on Christmas. They end up getting you a one-hundred-dollar gift card. Guilt sets in you and you wonder if you should have spent more than you did on the brownies. But truly, your brownies were from the heart and the person who received them from you should treasure them because you spent a lot more time than they did getting you a gift card. But some people like to spend a lot of people and don’t know what else to get so they end up with a gift card and that Is more than fine. But in my opinion, homemade gifts are my favorite. When I was little, every Christmas I made all my aunts and grandmas bows for their hair and I could tell they all loved them. I saw their faces light up with joy and they still have them kept save to this day. The thing that matters is that everyone is happy and joy has filled the air. The best part of Christmas is getting to see family you never see, that is by far the best gift anyone can give or get.




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