Gerald CanlasJanuary 24, 2018B3Benjamin FranklinFounding Father Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. At age of 16, Franklin became a vegetarian because he did not want to eat anything that was killed and also he wanted to save up for books. When Franklin 10 years old, he stopped going to school at the Boston Latin School because his father, Josiah Franklin, could not afford it. He work a full time job at his father’s candle and soap shop. Working at his father’s shop didn’t fire up his imagination.

Around 12 years of age Josiah sent him to a print shop ran by his older brother James, to prevent him from being a sailor. James Franklin founded the New England Courant in 1721, it’s was the first newspaper of America. His job was to settle the letter for the printer but he did not satisfy him, he wanted to write the newspaper. The newspaper published humorous articles and cartoons that was against the colonial government. Around June 1720, one of the published articles offended the Assembly and his brother went to jail for contempt. Franklin took over the business while his brother was in jail. His brother was banned to print the newspaper so the Courant was printed by the one and only Benjamin Franklin.

The Courant continued up until 1726 with the total of 255 issues. At age 17, Franklin left his abusive brother and went to New York to look for a job in 1723. Benjamin Franklin was on the Committee of Five that drafted the U.S.

Declaration of Independence. He aided the repeal of the Stamp Act of 1765. He was instrumental in the establishment of the University of Pennsylvania. Franklin was the essential originator of the College of Pennsylvania. Built up in 1740, Penn is today positioned among the best research colleges on the planet.

Franklin was likewise one of the originators of American Philosophical Society and was chosen its first president. He was really the author of college and it is as yet positioned as outstanding amongst the other colleges in the nation. Established in 1743, APS remains a famous insightful association of worldwide notoriety. In Autonomous America, Franklin filled in as the 6th Legislative leader of Pennsylvania from 1785 to 1788.


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