George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was intelligent, courageous, and showed excellent leadership skills. He was the highest rank in the U.S.

Military possible. He showed a keen leadership role being head of the Military and President of the United States. Washington set the rules or guidance for the future presidents to follow. He strictly made sure to rule differently than a terrible monarch.

It was a new free, beginning for the United States and Washington wanted to keep it that way. George Washington was actually born of February 11, 171 in Westmore, Virginia. The reason is the colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar, his birthday was moved eleven days. Since his birthday fell before the old date for New Year’s Day, but after the new date for New Year’s Day, his birthday was changed to 1732. He was raised in a “middle class” family that migrated to Virginia after the Puritan revolution. Washington’s father passed away when he was 11, and he had to take care of his half-brother Lawrence. George started to develop excellent leadership skills at such a young age.

At the age of 20, George’s brother died then Washington ended up joining the military. After many battles, bullets fired, etc. Virginia’s lieutenant, Robert Dinwiddie, appointed Washington rank of major in Virginia Militia. After being commander-in-chief for the United States military, he was elected to be the first president of the United States in 1789. Washington stepped into the role of the presidency blind as a bat. He was the first man do to anything like this in the United States. Washington was known as a federalist or an independent politician simply because he didn’t stress to have political parties because he knew they would be a disaster.

Washington’s domestic policy was in favor or the federalists supporting creation of taxes on whiskey and creation of the first national bank. Washington was granted to power to fire executive branch employees. He appointed the first cabinet. He also mobilized troops to settle an uprising in Pennsylvania over the whiskey tax.

His foreign policy was neutrality between countries, he understood the U.S. was still the “new and little” country at the time and he didn’t want anything terrible to happen. “He understood that the United State had too little money, had too many domestic issues, and had too small a military to actively engage in a strident foreign policy.”(Thought co) George Washington had many achievements and failures that are quite noticeable.

The fact that he was the first man ever to be a leader of the United States was a milestone achievement, He “paved way” for up and coming presidents. Unlike Washington, Jefferson and Adams had an idea how to be the president. Washington had no one, he was all on his own helpless. He developed two-year terms, the cabinet, etc. Unfortunately, he also had some mistakes such as: the whiskey rebellion and slavery. Washington taxed whiskey to farmers because he was attempting to make his way out of debt.

The farmers were very angry about the new tax, they took matters into their own hands, and they would ignore and keep away from the tax collectors when they came around to collect. Protests and riots broke out in the frontier and in 1794, many of the disgruntled farmers stormed some mansions and burned them down. In addition, Washington also had some failures with slavery being a slaveholder himself, he had several slaves working for him while he was president. “Under Washington, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 was also enacted, which made it a federal crime to aid an escaped slave. This overruled state laws that allowed escaped slaves a place of sanctuary and slaveholders were allowed to search every state and territory in search for their escaped slaves.”(history cat) Washington died December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon Virginia.

A legend, legacy, and leader was left for all to recognize as the first man in the United States to be courageous enough to take on the roll of presidency. Overall, George Washington wasn’t an awful president. He did have some flaws, but he also had astonishing traits that made him a great leader. If he were alive today, I would vote for him because he was courageous, intelligent, hard-working, determined, and successful.

Even though he had awful tragedies occur in his life-like family members dying, he was still able to become commander-in-chief and the President of the United States of America.


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