Genetic DisorderEssayPossibleissues that are genetic and passed down in my family would be high bloodpressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and being overweight. One of thebiggest problems in my family would be high blood pressure. The reason I choosethis is because high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” even thoughno one in my family has passed from having it, but it did lead to other healthissues that was caused by having high blood pressure. My mother, father, andgrandparents all suffer from high blood pressure and are currently takingmedications for this. Highblood pressure has no symptoms, so every day people walk around and not knowthat they have it. Some people suffer from headaches, blurred vision, dizziness,and short of breath.

You must go to your doctor to get your blood pressurechecked and you can have a home blood pressure kit to keep track of your bloodpressure readings. Some of the risks with high blood pressure can cause a personto have kidney problems, suffer from heart attacks, blood clots, and evenstroke. Having high blood pressure makes your heart work harder to pump bloodthrough arteries that may be damaged or clogged, causing your pressure to rise andputs stress on the heart. Multifactorialinheritance is the factor I am most associated with because it plays in a lotfrom where my environment is and what factors my parents have.  According to Medicine Net, “multifactorialinheritance disorders are caused by a combination of environmental factors andmutations in multiple (Medicine Net). For instance, I have my father’s highcheek bones, freckles, light-skinned, natural curly hair, and smile all fromhis genes.

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My mother on the other hand I really haven’t inherited too much fromher besides being overweight that I can see. The environment I grew up in, wedid not eat healthy foods or exercise, which led to me, my brother, and motherto being overweight. I am still overweight now because of the bad eatingchoices I grew up with I have brought with me as an adult.

Both of my parentshave high blood pressure and I have had high blood pressure since I was 22years old, I am now 43. The factors that I knew I was going to have high bloodpressure was because of my weight issues this was going to play a big part inme inheriting this disease. Genes in our body have a way of contributing to ourdiseases in which not only one gene will develop in disease or not. It usuallytakes more than one type of mutation for diseases in our body to be vulnerableto diseases. Otherinformation that helps me draw to this conclusion is that everyone in my familysuffers from this disease.

Knowing that it was passed down by both my parents,I know that my children will also suffer from getting high blood pressure.  I didn’t have any trouble getting informationabout high blood pressure, because we talk about this on a weekly basis. Likeme needing to losing weight to help keep my blood pressure down. My grandfathersuffered a brain aneurysm, caused from a stroke from high blood pressure and hewas bed ridden for 20 years after that, and died 4 years ago from the resultsof high blood pressure.  I talk to mychildren all the time about the risks of having high blood pressure. I tell themto watch what they eat, to exercise, and to go to the doctor for regularvisits.

I have 4 children, and the oldest 3 say they were told by the doctorthat they have high blood pressure. They are in denial, and I told them if thedoctor puts you on medication to help control your blood pressure you need totake the necessary precautions to get this under control. They are only 27,25,and 20 years old. I also let them know that since my parents suffer from highblood pressure, and I suffer from it and it has already passed down to them,somewhere down the line their children may also inherit this disease as well.    


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