Genetic Engineering is a powerful and possibly one of the
world’s most dangerous tools. Scientists can modify, edit bad chromosomes,
completely alter the human DNA structure, and perfect it. Researchers use a
tool called CRISPR-Cas9 that allows them to cut and edit human DNA strands. It
is a process, in which CRISPR-Cas9, a protein that acts like scissors, cuts the
DNA and is guided by an RNA molecule allowing it to be directed to any point on
the DNA sequence chosen. It gives humans the power to edit or take out a gene
or just a single letter in the gene. They can make someone taller, smarter, and
or completely eradicate any disease or ailments. When human DNA is edited, it
causes a permanent change to the DNA sequence and that change will be passed on
to future generations. This procedure can be beneficial for treating cancer,
diseases, genetic disorders, etc. however, if any potential problems were to
arise from the genetic modification procedure (which is unknown at this time)
it would also be passed along to future descendants. If genetic engineering
became routinely used on humans the possibility of  unintended consequences can damage or worse
put a stop to evolution, it can set forth a new age of eugenics to occur, and
possibly start a social inequality uprising between biologically altered super
humans and people who haven’t been genetically engineered. Although no one
truly knows the exact effects genetic engineering can have on humanity, scientists
and professionals in this field are able to speculate what could happen as a
result of genetically engineering humans.

            Evolution is the reason why humans look the way they do,
think, and act the way they do. Evolution has made humans adapt to their
surroundings and has brought mankind to this point in the twenty-first century
and will continue to change the characteristics in humans for as long as humans
inhabit this world. For the first time in over a million years evolution can
possibly be stopped and controlled. Humans will have control over evolution and
the future of this planet. Evolution is very complex and scientists still don’t
fully understand it and have a lot of unanswered questions. Evolution is an unpredictable power that always works
out in the favor of the betterment of species. It has taken place long before
humans came into existence and will continue long after humans are gone. As
mentioned before, scientists don’t entirely understand evolution so to have
them take on the role of evolution is very unwise.  In “Gene Editing May Produce a Frankenstein
Nobody Can Stop, Warns Biotech Investor Perry Marshall,” Perry Marshall claims,
“Most genome editing breakthroughs in the future
will likewise be borrowed from existing systems built by nature. Those who
assume humans are smarter than nature are in grave danger of building Frankenstein’s
that cannot be stopped. . . .” He also goes on to mention, “CRISPR
gene editing was already present in nature a billion years ago. CRISPR itself
was obtained from bacterial machinery that recognizes and destroys viruses.” When
humans or any species evolve, evolution occurs naturally, in the time span of
thousands to millions of years. Genetically engineering human embryos is taking
the time span of a million years and shortening it down to however long it
takes to alter the DNA strand, about a day or two. Evolution is a natural
process that occurs and does not need biotech machines, a deep understanding of
our DNA, or the need to go to such lengths as scientists do to ensure not only
the safety, but the precisions and accuracy of such procedure, therefore,
further proving why this is not a job for humans. Humanity is at stake, and to
completely undermine it and control things we don’t know or fully understand is
simply not safe.

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When someone is born they don’t make the decision to inherit
certain genes. As a fetus no one is able to construct the makeup of their DNA. Everyone
is born to two parents and receive traits from them. People are born as they
are, inherit genes that can make them short, intelligent, a carrier of a deadly
disease, or not, but no one has the power to determine the outcome of what they
will look like, or the genes they will inherit. No one is in control and
genetic variation is the primary reason, without it there is no evolution.
Evolution and genetic variation go hand in hand, because if every person had
the exact genetic makeup, natural selection could not occur, and favorable
traits would not be passed on to help the human species adapt and evolve. In
“The Upside of Bad Genes,” the author, Moises Velasquez describes how having a
single copy of a gene that contains a certain sicknesses or disease can have an
upside to them and actually aid in our survival, given the environment and
diet. He writes about Dr. Tumble, an anthropologist that published a study on the
topic of certain bad genes helping brain function in elderly people. Dr. Tumble
says, “If we edit out genes based on how they work in those populations
exclusively, we might disrupt processes that we didn’t realize were important.”
Genetically modifying humans would not allow for a diverse gene pool and it
could unleash consequences we can’t comprehend or know of at this time.
Removing genes that carry a disease could also exacerbate an already over
populated world. Gene editing may help people who are sick, enhance desirable
traits and give people happier, healthier lives but it would not help
evolution. Life threatening diseases are an unfortunate way of limiting the
human population; it’s the way nature intended it in order to produce a species
that can thrive in their environment. If there is no evolution there are no
humans or life on this planet.

engineering human DNA is such a new technology which makes it hard to determine
the effects it would have on humanity. It can set up a system that would make
parents want to have the ‘trendiest’ designer babies, or governments can
enforce citizens to alter their children to be the fittest and smartest for the
betterment of their country. This system can possibly be a new age of eugenics.
Allowing parents to determine what disease their offspring and future
generation can carry or what their child will look like is a form of eugenics.  In “COLUMN: Beware Eugenics,” author, Kaitlyn
Milvert discusses how gene editing will become the twenty first century
eugenics. Milvert says, “Embryonic gene editing procedures are not on the same
ethical level as forced sterilization, but the process nonetheless share
eugenic goals.” Trying to create the perfect human would be based on a certain
set of traits, most likely society’s view on what are the perfect traits. The
goal would be to get children to look like this set of goals, making them
attractive and desirable, and more likely to succeed in life. The problem would
be that trends come and go, and to have a population where their
characteristics are no longer desirable is frightening for society and mankind.
To think ones generation is no longer wanted because there traits are ‘old
school’ or ‘last season’ and a new set of desirable generation of children have
been genetically engineered. It could possibly cause humanity to focus on what
someone looks like and what gene editing they received in order to receive that
job, that promotion, a date, their spouse, etc. In “This Time, Can Eugenics be
a Force for Good? We have to Think Carefully about What Will Define a ‘Better’
Baby,” Adam Cohen writes, “Editing human embryos for ‘enhancements’ of this
kind is too close to the old eugenics. . . we run the risk of collectively
trying to make ourselves into a master race.” Changing the DNA sequence people
are originally born with is something that can’t be undone, it is a serious
decision. Deciding the fate of someone’s genetic makeup and what gets to be
passed on in their offspring is the same principal of what eugenics is. Usually
a higher institution, like the government chooses who gets to live or die or
who can reproduce and who can’t because of what they look like or what
illnesses they carry, it’s based on a set of ideas of what people should look
like. Nothing that is meant to control reproduction, or control what somebody
looks like especially before birth should be tolerated. Gene editing is a
process that dictates what ones outer and inner self will be like and the
generations that follow, it is a eugenic process. Everyone is born a human and
is born equal regardless of what genes they carry and what they look like, nothing
should change that.

editing and advanced technologies like CRISPR can deepen tensions between
social classes. Genetically engineering humans can cause a new set of Jim Crow
Laws which will allow facilities and people to be separate but not equal; it
can start a civil war between those who have biological advantages inscribed
into their DNA and those who don’t. In “Britain Approves Controversial
Gene-Editing Experiments,” Maria Cheng claims, “such tinkering will only widen the
gap between rich and poor by enabling the wealthy to create super babies.”  If this treatment is costly, the wealthy
would make up the majority of the people who decide to use gene editing on
their offspring. They will make them healthier, smarter, stronger, and better
looking. Rich people’s children will have advantages, (even more so than they
already do) than a child whose parents can’t afford to genetically alter their children’s
genes. Human equality would no longer exist. 
A society where not only the rich are powerful, and can use money for
anything but would become the only population having children who will biologically
give more to society because of gene modifications is social injustice. There
is nothing good about the wealthy being the only people allowed to use gene
editing; it will lead to many unfortunate events that can’t be undone. In the
video, “The Ethical Dilemma of Designer Babies,” a biomedical scientist, Paul
Knopfler, argues how genetic modification can lead to dangerous social
possibilities. Knopfler says, “We have to ban this, we should not allow
creating genetically modified people, because it’s just too dangerous and
unpredictable.” In the video he explains how genetically modifying humans will
impact humanity in ways that are unknown. Not knowing what the consequences
only make possible scenarios worse and even more dangerous because we won’t
know how to undo or fix something we don’t fully understand. Kopfler gives an
example where people who have been enhanced by gene editing would attend a
special school best suited for them, they would get the best jobs and it can
get to the point where they can rise up against the government and have a
country that only allows genetically modified humans. For example, if genetically
modified humans live in a country that sets them back because ‘regular’ people,
schools, and jobs don’t contribute enough or as much as they do, it would
enable them to start and run their own country. They would be able to do so
easily given their intelligence and abilities. The wealthy will outlive unaltered
humans until one day unaltered humans possibly disappear and go extinct. There
will be no middle class, no poor, and these biological super humans will run
the world. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie but the consequences
from genetically modifying humans are too unpredictable and these scenarios can
become our reality.   

engineering humans should be banned and restricted from being used even if it were
to help cure the sick. Evolution was never intended to be controlled and never
should. Nature has its processes for everything for reasons humans can’t
understand.  Humans and the process of
nature aren’t prepared for the unintended consequences short or long term. No
one can fathom what is to come if researchers continue down this path. If all
diseases are curable, if controlling evolution and deciding what constitutes
the perfect being, means a possible outbreak of wars, wiping out a certain
breed of people to extinction, then there is no need for gene editing or CRISPR
technology. It should not exist or be used by any means because humans aren’t
capable of realizing the responsibility that comes with such advanced
technology. Once the first set of trials take place there will be no going back
and future generations will suffer whatever unforeseen consequences that may
occur. If people fail to set boundaries and priorities, humans will be
sacrificing the present and future of this planet and all the species that
reside on it, in order to achieve short term longevity. 


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