General George patton was born in San Gabriel California on November 11th of 1885, since his younger years George always aspired to be in the military like his previous ancestors before him.

He devoted his entire life to serving in the U.S military. George was highly intelligent and a great strategist allowing him to go to school at the U.

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S Military Academy Westpoint. He then later graduated in 1912 and started his life, he was an olympic athlete, and then a swordsman teacher. Later on in the year 1915 George pursued his military career head on and engaged in his first battle and led calvary troops. Patton gained his popularity by being the first to lead tank corps, being the amazing strategist he was he quickly developed strategies for tank warfare against the french defeating them and gaining a medal and gained the distinguished medal in doing so. George didn’t his the peak of his military career until later in ww2 when he led the U.S army to victory against sicily, he then led the u.

s military to battle in Norway. D-day, was the day he led them through France capturing town after tow and quickly advancing capturing over 10,000 miles of territory. It only took a time span of 10 days, to completely diminish Germany from the nazi regime.

Leading the U.S army to many victories this one gave him his significance. Due to Georges brilliance and mastery for his battle tactics he gained great recognition. Sadly in Germany he was driving and got into a collision resulting in him breaking his neck, and dying in the hospital 12 days after In Germany. Oskar Schindler Oscar was born in what is now known as the czech republic, on April 28th of 1908, into a German family.

His family was very wealthy, they owned and operated a machinery factory, manufacturing farm equipment. During the Great Depression his father’s factory crashed, and he tried attending college to make a career of himself. He was unsuccessful with his life goals and resided to drinking.

Oskar joined the Nazi regime due to the popularity and rise of Adolf Hitler. In Oskar’s ┬álate 20’s he joined the Nazi party, his position was working for the German intelligence.


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