GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 1 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 20171.

PURPOSE & SCOPETo ensure sustainable finished product quality and good warehousing practicesfor finished product under controlled conditions to maintain its freshness & sensoryattributes until defined shelf life before dispatching to consumers.These guidelines are applicable to all persons involved in any aspect of theWarehousing & distribution of finished product (Cake) from the premises of themanufacturer of the product to the retailer.2. RESPONSIBILITYSenior Manager, Assist. Manager & Warehouse Executive are responsible for theeffective implementation of these guidelines.

3. EQUIPMENT? Data loggers? Humidity meter4. WAREHOUSING REQUIREMENTS4.1 Personnel? All personnel involved in warehousing & distribution activities should be trainedand qualified enough based on written standard operating procedures (SOPs),product security, product identification, the detection of counterfeits and theavoidance of counterfeits.? Records of all training, which includes details of subjects covered andparticipants trained, should be maintained.? Key personnel involved should have the ability and experience appropriate totheir responsibility.

? Personnel should wear proper uniform along with PPEs, suitable for the activitiesthat they perform.4.2 Premises? The area dedicated for products’ storage should be of sufficient size to allowhandling and storage in a manner that does not result in product contamination/quality deterioration.GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 2 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 2017? The warehouse should be closed/controlled ventilated to prevent condensation& bulging of master cartons.? There should be no direct Openings to exterior.? Emergency exit(s) should be provided to face any emergency.? Floor should be smooth, non-slippery (preferably epoxy floor) and designed in away to prevent dust accumulation & water standing to facilitate proper passivedrainage.

? Walls should be smooth, durable, white antifungal painted and easily cleanable.? Ceiling should be constructed and finished with white antifungal paint so as toprevent mold growth, condensation, leakage, and easily cleanable.? Doors are to be assembled of smooth and readily cleanable surfaces.? Doorway through which finished products are conveyed, should be sufficientlywide and constructed to be tightly fitted.

? Adequate & enclosed lightings should be provided for smooth operations.? 5S must be implemented.4.3 Storage & WarehousingGood storage practices (GSP) should be applicable in all circumstances wherecake products are stored and throughout the distribution process.a. Storage areas? Precautions must be taken to prevent unauthorized persons from enteringstorage areas.? Employees should comply with the company policies to maintain a safe, secureand efficient working environment.

? Storage areas should be of sufficient capacity to allow the orderly storage of thevarieties of biscuits & cake, products in quarantine, and released, rejected,returned or recalled products as well as those suspected to be counterfeits.? Storage areas should be designed or adapted to ensure appropriate and goodstorage conditions.? In particular, they should be clean and dry and maintained within acceptabletemperature & humidity limits.? For cake products, controlled environment is required in segregated area tomaintain required temperature & humidity level.? Products should be stored off the floor and suitably spaced to permit cleaningand inspection.

GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 3 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 2017? Pallets should be kept in a good state of cleanliness and repair.? Storage areas should be clean and free from accumulated waste and vermin.? Shift lead of warehouse must ensure that premises and storage areas are cleanedregularly.? If sampling is performed in the storage area, it should be conducted in such away as to prevent contamination or cross-contamination. Adequate cleaningprocedures should be in place for the sampling areas.? Receiving and dispatch bays should protect the products from the weather.

Receiving areas should be designed and equipped to allow incoming containersof finished products to be cleaned, if necessary, before storage.? Where quarantine status is ensured by storage in separate areas, these areasmust be clearly marked and access restricted to authorized personnel. Anysystem replacing physical quarantine should provide equivalent security. Forexample, computerized systems can be used, provided that they are validated todemonstrate security of access.? Physical or other equivalent validated (e.g. electronic) segregation should beprovided for the storage of rejected, expired, recalled or returned products andsuspected counterfeits.

The products and the areas concerned should beproperly identified.? Unless there is an appropriate alternative system to prevent the unintentional orunauthorized use of quarantined, rejected, returned, recalled or suspectedcounterfeit products, separate storage areas should be assigned for theirtemporary storage until a decision as to their future has been made.? Finished products should be handled and stored in such a manner as to preventcontamination, mix-ups and cross-contamination.

? FIFO compliance should be mandatory to ensure that finished products due toexpire first are sold and/or distributed first (first expiry/ first out (FEFO)).? Broken or damaged items should be withdrawn from usable stock and storedseparately.? Storage areas should be provided with adequate lighting to enable all operationsto be carried out accurately and safely.b. Storage Conditions? Storage and handling conditions should comply with applicable national and localregulations.GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 4 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 2017? Storage conditions for finished products should be in compliance with therecommendations of R as below:ProductCategoryStorageConditionStacking HeightTemperature( ?C )RelativeHumidity(%)ResponsibleCakeClean, Cool, Dryand Odor free4 MC/ LayerX6 StackingMax. 35 Max.

60WarehouseInchargeBiscuitsClean, Dry andOdor free6-7 MC/LayerX4-6 StackingMax. 35 Max. 60? Facilities should be available for the storage of all products under appropriateconditions as mentioned above.? Records should be maintained of these conditions if they are critical for themaintenance of quality & sensory characteristics of the finished product stored.? Records of temperature monitoring data should be available for review.

Thereshould be defined intervals (4 Hrs. checking/ monitoring frequency) oftemperature & Humidity. The equipment used for monitoring should be checkedat suitable predetermined intervals and the results of such checks should berecorded and retained. All monitoring records should be kept for at least theshelf-life of the stored finished product.? Temperature & Humidity mapping should show uniformity across the storagefacility. It is recommended that temperature & Humidity meters are be located inareas that are most likely to show fluctuations.

? Equipment used for monitoring of storage conditions should also be calibratedtwice / year basis.? Periodic stock reconciliation should be performed by comparing the actual andrecorded stocks. This should be done at defined intervals.4.4 Pest Control? Effective integrated pest management system must be in place.? The pest control agents used should be safe and there should be no risk ofcontamination of finished products.? There should be appropriate procedures for the clean-up of any spillage toensure complete removal of any risk of contamination.

GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 5 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 20174.5 Hygiene & Sanitation Requirements? Proper personal hygiene is required for handling the product.? Toilets facility must be in in place & away from storage areas.? Its drainage must not be exposed to open environment.? Hand washing & drying facility must be in place adjacent to the toilets as well asentrances.? Eating, drinking, smoking, chewing of gum or tobacco, littering and otherundesirable behavior in the premises is prohibited.

4.6 Internal Transportation? Products should be delivered in closed container or covered vehicles from FGS toWarehouse or warehouse to warehouse.? Cake products must be transported in vehicle at recommended storagetemperature (Max. 35 0C).4.

7 Market Dispatch? Finished product master carton must be inspected visually before loading intovehicle.? In case of non-compliance (damage/smell/leakage etc.), product must not bedispatched to market.? Vehicle must be thoroughly inspected & must have smooth floor & side walls.

? Vehicle must be properly covered.? While loading the vehicle master cartons should be handled carefully and in astressed free condition.5. REFERENCE DOCUMENTWorld Health Organization.

WHO Technical Report Series, No. 957, 2010. Annex 5.GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 6 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 20176. RELATED DOCUMENT? Temperature & RH monitoring record? FIFO/FEFO record – SAP.? Daily sanitation record.? Monthly fumigation & sanitation record.? Vehicle monitoring recordTEMPERATURE & RH MONITORING RECORDDATE TIME TEMPERATURE (0C) RELATIVE HUMIDITY (%)GENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 7 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 2017DAILY SANITATION RECORDMonth:DATEFLOORCLEANING WINDOWS,PLASTICCURTAINCLEANING OFDUSTBINSGENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 8 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 2017FUMAGATION RECORD#FumigationMonthDate Fumigation AreaFumigation TimeStandard(4 to 15 hrs.

)Ventilation TimeStandard(1 to 2hrs)123456789101112VEHICLE MONITORING RECORD (DISPATCH)Date:Sr.No.POINTS TO BE CHECKED 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101 Vehicle No.

2 Product3 SKU4 No. of M/C Loaded5Inside condition of walls/roof6 Condition of Floor7Presence of Oil/ Wood/Coal8Material Covered/Uncovered9 Stacking as per standard10 Dispatch toGENERAL GUIDELINES FORWAREHOUSING & STORAGEQA/3/000Issue 1Page 9 of 9Issue Date: Nov 1st, 20177. DOCUMENT APPROVALDOCUMENT DESIGNATION DATED SIGNATUREPREPARED BYQA ExecutiveMicrobiologistREVIEWED BYSr. Manager Logistics& warehousingManager QAAPPROVED BYHead of QAHead of OperationsR ConsultantHead of Supply Chain


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