Gauri totally forgetsher ethnic identity and tries to immense herself into the American culture. Shestarts admiring the American way of dressing and develops a vigorousfascination for it. She in fact starts hating sari, her traditional dress.

The yardof silk sari is indeed difficult to hold as she is in her advanced stage ofpregnancy. She liked the way American girls dressing. She felt uncomfortablewith Indian dresses. Finally she expurgated her saris, petticoats, blouses andswitches to American attire. She is not even bothered about her perturbedhairstyle. She typically changed into an American and she did not discloseeverything to Subhash as normally an Indian wife will do. Gauri is ablyadjusting and adapting to the new circumstances and becomes acculturated.

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Tobring out the best example of acculturation in Gauri is when she gives birth toBela (Udayan’s child), she demanded a baby – sitter for Bela like theAmericans. On the other hand Subhash is experiencing a sort of culture shockand struggles to cope with the new environment. Subhash was against her wishand didn’t approve Gauri’s baby – sitter idea as he wanted to bring up thechild in the Indian way – under the care of the parents. Gauri was notcompromised because she imbibed herself into American craze for individualitywhereas Subhash wanted to follow his culture and tradition.Gauri wants to lead aluxury life with all comforts. She is fully Americanized and she didn’t want tomanage or carry her role as an ideal mother with responsibilities likedaughter, husband and household works. She begins to think that her life willbe more thrilling and enjoyable without her daughter Bela and husband Subhash.Gauri fells that her sexual life with Subhash is unsatisfied and Subhash toofeels the same.

She is also frustrated to see Subhash as an outstanding fatherto Bela which causes her discomfort as she knows that, he is not her biologicalfather. Subhash is ready to lead a happy life with Gauri and he insists her tohave another child for Bela’s sake, but Gauri disapproves it. When Bela isfive, Gauri starts attending her graduate school, leaving all theresponsibility of taking care of Bela. It was Subhash who comes to the rescueof Bela and manages his time to watch Bela.

Gauri never had a feel ofcommitment towards her family and begins to pursue a doctorate. In addition tothis she thinks Bela as a burden and always exempts her responsibility severaltimes in taking care of Bela. Gauri also keeps on nagging Subhash to revealBela about Udayan and he agrees to tell her one day.


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