Garlic is a natural, simple, low cost and quick-acting treatment for toothache. There are different ways to use it to soothe a toothache. Use them according to your convenience and preference.1. Head of fresh whole garlicRemove a clove from a garlic head.

 Carefully remove the skin of the garlic clove.Place the whole garlic clove, uncut, against the tooth that causes pain.If you accidentally cut the clove of garlic, cover it with a little olive oil to prevent the inside of the raw garlic from touching the skin, as this can cause burning. Commonly, the pain diminishes in a few minutes. The clove of garlic can be left on the wheel for an hour or more if you wish and it does not bother you.Repeat the process as many times as necessary, using a clove of fresh garlic, each time.2.

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Sauteed garlicA clove of garlic can be chopped and lightly sautéed with a little olive oil. We should not cook the garlic, just sauté it a little in such a way that the garlic is a little softer and more comfortable to use.When the garlic has cooled, we can use it on the sick tooth. Olive oil also has its own healing benefits.3. Chopped fresh garlicThe clove of garlic can be chopped and left to rest for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the allicin to develop. Mix this raw garlic with honey or olive oil and apply it to the sore tooth for 20 minutes.

4. Garlic poulticeTake a large clove of garlic and cut a thin slice of it. Wrap it in a paper towel or coffee filter and apply it to the tooth with pain as you would with a poultice.

5. Garlic powderAlthough fresh garlic is more potent than garlic powder, the latter is a milder remedy. If it’s the only garlic you have on hand and it’s late at night, it’s a better option than not having it at all. Moisten the garlic powder with a little olive oil and apply it to the tooth that hurts. The garlic powder and olive oil can be ingested during the next half hour. Repeat the application as many times as necessary.Ingestion of garlic for tooth painYou can eat garlic to treat toothache. You just have to crush a clove of garlic and mix it with honey or coconut oil.

 You must take this remedy several times a day. You can combine the garlic intake with the topical garlic application (described above).Why does garlic work for tooth pain?Garlic is a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory herb that immediately begins to work when applied to the tooth or gum. See; Uses of garlic as medicine .Warnings Some people find that the garlic remedy burns their gums. You have to make sure to keep the garlic in the sore spot for less time to avoid burns or irritation.

 You can also consult other 23 home remedies for toothache and find the one that best suits your situation.


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