Furthermore,I would like to become a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychology is anintellectually challenging field and includes a variety of work. I love thecombination of clinical work and research as well as the idea of being able todo therapy as well as clinical leadership, consultation, service development andeducation. The variety in this field is incredibly appealing to me as I see thepotential and scope of what I could do.

I am also intrigued by the managementelement of the role including supervising others and also in the context ofresearch. I want to be able to work with patients suffering from a range ofdiseases and help develop diagnosing methods and exploring alternative treatmentsto fit the individual. Working not strictly in a lab but also seeing patientsand having that human interaction is an incredibly gratifying aspect of this fieldfor me.

Help me help others (where can I put this?). The stimulation from theunexpectedness from the nature of clinical psychology is a crucial element for myideal career and when a person is endlessly interested and passionate about theirwork that is when they can begin to help others. I would like to be able todirectly help people as well contributing to the research process that stimulatesthis entire field.            The fusion of research with clinicalpractice will allow me to use the scientist-practitioner approach, work psychologicallyand help people, as well as working reflectively and eventually supervisor’sother professions to do the same in hopes of one day managing my own practice.

            The multi-faceted nature of clinicalpsychology is ideal to maintain a working lifetime of interest. Both psychologyand more specifically clinical psychology have a rich and intricate history andI want to be able to contribute to it. Clinical training will give me thatopportunity as well as proving me with the necessary skills to work furtherwith those suffering, including those diagnosed with terminal illness. Thisfield is where all of my major interests converge and I am positive that thiswork will endlessly stimulate my mind and my heart/passion.


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