From a young age, I have been
interested in Art as you can express your emotions and thoughts in a visual
way. I am passionate about art as it allows you to express yourself creatively.
By completing a Fine Art degree it will allow me to develop my artistic skills
and further explore styles and techniques with in art. Within fine art there is
a wide range of mixed media and materials such as charcoal, watercolour, clay
and cardboard. In art you can use anything you find to use as a creative piece as
fine art is not limited to what you do. I mainly like to work with pencils and watercolour
paints the reason for this is, they can be adaptive and gives a variety of
shades you can produce with these medias to express emotions. I believe that I am
suitable to this course because I am interested in developing and learning new
skill in fine art and will allow me to explore more different ranges of
creating art work. I will also bring an element of my unique sense of
creativity and style within fine art.

I have Studied Art and Design at
Stoke-on-Trent College for 3 years and during this time I have developed my
skills and learned a variety of ways to work with different media. In both independent
and directed projects. Through college, and in my spare time, I like to visit
museums and art galleries. I frequently visit my local art gallery, The
Potteries Museum and Art Gallery. Seeing how art has changed over the
centuries, and how different artists express themselves is fascinating to me,
and is really effective in making me consider my own work and artistic approach.
I am inspired by Loui Jover as she using book pages for background and show
emotions and passion within her work.  

People who know me consider me to
be kind, caring and loyal. I hope that people see me as someone who is willing
to help overs in need. For example my family and friends come first in all I do.
I would say that I am exceptional with timekeeping as I turn up to my tutorials
on time. I am very organised and committed to my work. I have great respect for
other people’s passion, even if it’s not a subject I enjoy.

I have been a member of Trent
Valley Archers for just under a year now. This is requires resilience and commitment
to improve my skills and techniques. This links with art because you need the
patients as you won’t get it right all the time and can learn from your
mistakes and can keep practicing to improve on my technique. I like archery because
I enjoy shooting as you can get a powerful rush of excitement and I feel
relaxed after shooting with is a great feeling. I am also a keen baker, this
requires me to be creative and I am able to follow instructions. When I’m not
at college I like to draw and paint. I also love to read different types of
books that inspire me to be creative.

I did work placement for Carl
Ashmore, we had to design the front cover for his book (Zak fisher) and
designed merchandise for the book. I have also been involved in the performing
arts faculty painting their background set for play Monkey. Both of these work
placement require patients and creativity. During 2014-2015, I have also worked
at Alton Towers as a Face painter, for this you need to have a steady hand and patience.
During this role I was an Assistant Team Leader and working alongside an art
team creating face paints. I used to work as a Food and Beverage Host at Alton
Towers in 2016-2017. This involves me preparing food and drinks, restocking,
cleaning down and helping guest out.

I am not shy of taking on extracurricular
activity as I am currently a Student Ambassador. This involves me helping potential
students to Stoke-on-Trent College by showing them around campus and answering
there questions. This also involves going to schools to talk to students about
the college. I enjoy being a Student Ambassador because you get to help other
and meet new people and because this helps to builds your confidences up. 


I'm Erica!

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